Expert Days

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Expert Days with OrderWise

How could you be getting even more from OrderWise?

We know that as time goes by and your business evolves, your OrderWise requirements do too.

This is why OrderWise is now offering Expert Days to provide you and your team with an in-depth analysis and consultation of your current OrderWise setup and usage.

Expert Days with OrderWise are an opportunity for you to thoroughly understand how you can adapt and enhance your use of the system to improve operational efficiency and boost profits.

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What does an Expert Day include?

Specialist consultation

Your opportunity to consult with an OrderWise specialist and gain expert insight.

Usage analysis

An analysis of how you currently use OrderWise and what this is achieving.

Expert advice

Learn how you could be using the system more efficiently.

Improve performance

Ascertain the areas training is required to upskill and improve performance.

Additional functionality

Explore additional functionality within OrderWise is needed.

Wise Success

Discover if and why you would benefit from a Wise Success subscription.

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What comes next?

As your ERP and WMS software support provider, it is not just our responsibility to provide you with OrderWise. It is our responsibility to ensure you are always getting the most out of your system.

Following your Expert Day, if you would like to take the expertise and advice you’ve received to the next level, our specialist team will take your through your different options.

This may include arranging a free demo on additional modules and functionality or booking training for your team.

For top-level support, our specialists will assess your suitability for a Wise Success subscription and break down how this will drive your efficiencies and growth.

As a member of the OrderWise community, we don’t want you just to be a software user. We want use to be expert of your own software use.

What our customers say…

I’d definitely recommend a remote implementation. For the go-live, the OrderWise team were there on the phones, screen sharing and showing us step by step. It was great for the team, they could see it working.

Brad Slater, Pickup Systems
Production Manager

During the process of selecting and implementing the system we realised it was a chance to look at all of our processes from scratch. So although one of the drivers in the early days was to find a system that could accommodate our existing processes, we ended up re-evaluating pretty much all of our work flows by the time we went live. Over the first year, we refined our methods further to benefit from OrderWise’s capabilities rather than the other way around. That’s something I would advise any business looking at OrderWise as a potential solution – keep an open mind and don’t be afraid to change your processes.

Ian Shay, L&S Engineers
Commercial Director

It was very logical and straight forward, as our understanding developed we could quickly see the way the information was populated could be changed, which for us that was great, you weren’t tied into “Set it up like this, this is how you must use it” – there’s no set way of using the system and the trainers worked with us to find the most logical way for us to work with OrderWise and our data.

Andrew Ewens, Happy Pet Products
Inventory Controller

The training really helped, the system is easy to use & implementation was not a painful process.

Alan Lewis, Promotional Handling Ltd
Managing Director

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