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User-Friendly & Feature Rich Sales Order Processing

An integrated order processing system to optimise and streamline your daily sales order processing

OrderWise can help you achieve faster order processing to maintain customer satisfaction

  • We provide one central Sales Order Processing System that ensures all sales are handled in an accurate and streamlined manner
  • Both user-friendly and offering live stock insight, our order management system helps your team to deliver great customer service every time.
  • 30 years’ experience implementing software solutions for our customers – with over 1,000 customers already using OrderWise
  • 600 new features and improvements released each year and a team of over 200 experts to support you on your technology journey.
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What does sales order processing mean?

From the moment a customer decides to complete a purchase, your business needs to be ready behind the scenes. Order processing is the act of capturing that customer’s requirements and feeding them into your ERP order management system, whether completed over the phone, via your eCommerce platforms or in-store.

Key features

Stock Management

Stock Control

Achieve stock visibility and traceability over multiple locations and deliver unrivalled stock level management with the utmost accuracy.

Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence

Drill down into your sales data and gain the performance insight you need to unlock your full potential.



Manage multiple customer price lists, close more sales and maximise profitability across numerous on and offline channels with OrderWise Sales.



Utilise smart tools to reduce overstocking, forecast for demand and record true product landed costs with OrderWise Purchasing.



Gain a complete view of your customer interactions, both from your desk and on-the-go through the OrderWise Mobile App.



Benefit from one fully integrated lead generation and sales cycle by automating targeted campaigns through OrderWise Marketing.

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How can sales order processing software help my business?

Sales order processing software enables greater value to be gained from each transaction your team has with customers.

An order management system is ideal for managing many technical aspects of incoming and outgoing orders, including collecting data from third-party channels and logistics, and raising, communicating, amending any orders. But, some businesses require more in-depth interactions with their customers too, to add more value to each transaction.

Functioning as part of a single, fully integrated solution, sales order processing software provides the ability to build soft skills and a humanised communication between your business and potential buyers. It enhances the tools available to your team when making those all-important sales.

You can collect and utilise additional customer and company data that can help to personalise communication and add opportunities to increase profits:

Capture and access detailed data quickly

Whether checking when a product is back in stock or reaches its expiry date, or offering the perfect alternative item, you can keep all your stock information to hand to maximise profits and avoid losing those vital sales. Plus, make every transaction personalised with instant access to historical purchase order and conversation data for each one of your customers.

Gain a greater view of targets with clear KPI’s and business intelligence

With a clearer view of potential margins for each order and item, as well as your cross-selling and upselling opportunities, you can more accurately create targets for your team to increase profit and enable a further boost to productivity. Moreover, you check can log and the progress of each potential sale, order and understand where the best and worst areas for success lie.


Benefit from more optimised order processing

Complete Visibility At Every Step
Whether trading online, over the phone or through sales reps, our order management software makes processing simple. With a smart sales order entry screen, easy access to customer history and tools to promote up/cross-selling, you can benefit from complete visibility across the board.

Automate Processes With One Single Order Processing System
Are you drop shipping, fulfilling your own orders or doing a bit of both? Whatever the case, we can help you streamline the handling of each order through to final shipment, within a centralised sales platform.

Improve Business Performance
Through our scalable & modular order processing system, your business can benefit from a full suite of integrated sales tools including CRM, Marketing, Business Intelligence, Mobile App functionality and much more.

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An OrderWise sales order processing system

At OrderWise, we understand that each business needs to approach customers and process orders differently, often depending on your specific market and industry.

With so many different types of sales orders and business operations out there, finding an out-of-the-box solution for your business’ order processing requirements will often leave huge gaps in your capabilities. If any part of your order processing is delayed, missed or actioned incorrectly, it quickly holds up the entire flow, meaning dropped sales, false data, unhappy customers, and eventually dwindling profits.

To provide a full solution to businesses, OrderWise software is developed and implemented with each business in mind. Functioning as one completely integrated end-to-end system, OrderWise eliminates the need for slowing tasks such as rekeying tasks and disparate files, bringing all your data into one place.

Sales can often take the form of a more granular value with each transaction. To maximise the potential of each transaction, OrderWise Sales Order Processing ensures you have all the information at your disposal instantly.

Our Customers

A key role within our business

“OrderWise software plays a key role within the core of our business. We promise our customers the most efficient and proactive service when ordering with us, and this software is crucial in helping us provide that. We are also now using OrderWise to produce timed and targeted marketing campaigns, so there’s no doubt that this software will play a key part in our future”

Information at your fingertips

“Sales administrators can now deal with customer queries whilst in sales orders and can access previous order history and previous pricing very easily – with OrderWise you can have umpteen screens open at a time and have all the information at your fingertips which is one of the major pluses for us”

Just phenomenal

“The back-to-back ordering is just phenomenal, that’s alleviated the pressure on our buying department and totally changed our business – we’ve given the power back to our sales staff to order their own special goods which has freed up a lot more time in the buying department for them to focus on managing our stock better”

Brought us on leaps and bounds

“OrderWise has brought us on leaps and bounds really as a sales force. Simple things like knowing exactly what stock quantities you have got on the shelves, the true margins that you are making and the overall ease of just putting an order onto the system. We have become a lot more proactive as a company and as a sales force too. 5-6 people used to enter orders and quotes all day long, we have now trimmed that down to one person entering orders, allowing the other guys free on the phone to take enquiries”

Makes things easier

“On the stock control side, obviously we have a lot of different ranges and products. By having everything in one place, it makes things easier as you know a product is going to be in that place, in that amount. It’s also easier for the staff putting on the orders, they can check to see how much is in stock, whether it is in stock at all, and then we can just run the OrderWise To Purchase Report to pick up what we need to buy and what we don’t”

It’s been excellent

“It’s freed up myself and Nigel, the two directors in the company, before we were working too much in the company rather than on the company; we were helping with picking, packing, despatching, purchasing, whereas now because the system is so automated, it’s allowed us to get on with working and building the company whilst our staff run the day-to-day tasks – it’s been excellent”

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