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Our experienced team of business consultants will work with you to understand your business and the challenges you face, enabling them to provide pricing for a solution based on the software and services you need.

As a modular solution, our software structure means you buy only the features you need right now, with the flexibility to add extra users and functions at a later date when the requirement is there.

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Understanding your investment in ERP software

Regardless of the industry in which you operate, the smooth running of your day-to-day work is the true answer to business success, and a well-suited ERP is what’s going to deliver that.

However, when making your investment, you need to be aware of both initial and ongoing costs to ensure you deliver true value and ROI for your business.

Key areas to be aware of when comparing ERP Software

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Concurrent user licences

This means the user licences you pay for pertain to the number of users on the system at one time, not the number of staff that require a licence.

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Software and licence type

OrderWise is a perpetual or single purchase lifetime licence which means you only pay once for your software.

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Project management

OrderWise includes project management costs in your proposal.

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Tailored training

OrderWise includes remote or face to face training tailored to your organisation.

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Implementation support

Our OrderWise implementation team’s time and resource are included in your proposal.

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Go live assistance

Go live assistance is included as part of your OrderWise proposal with options for staff to be on-site for preparation during and after go live.

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Ecommerce integration

We clearly specify the integrations included in a solution and unless requested otherwise, our ecommerce developers will write the integration.

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HHTs WMS Software

Our powerful WMS software and Mobile Android WMS software is our own integrated solution.

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HHTs Hardware

Unless requested otherwise, our solutions include Zebra HHT devices to utilise our Android WMS software.

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Remote, telephone and email support

You are able to contact our expert OrderWise support team directly.

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Upgrades are included in your OrderWise proposal for the first six months and beyond this, are included in your ongoing support contract.

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Upgrade frequency

We issue new releases on a monthly basis with 600+ new modules, features, reports and general enhancements added each year.

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Support contract

Your inclusive six months support and upgrades contract doesn’t start until you have completed training.

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Cloud hosting

OrderWise offers flexible deployment options to suit a company’s requirements with access to use our Cloud hosting or your own.

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Super deduction

Almost all of your investment in OrderWise can be offset against the current 130% Super Deduction.

Delivering real value with OrderWise

When you choose OrderWise, you’re not just purchasing a piece of software, you’re making a investment to be supported by ERP experts and developers of more than 30-years.

You’re choosing to grow with a future-proof, scalable solution which will continue to be developed and moulded to your business thanks to our team’s unrivalled knowledge and experience.

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