Control Over Ship Address Label Output To Reduce Wastage

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Any business using third-parties to deliver goods to customers will need to ensure the necessary courier labels are printed at the point of ship. However, it can often be a case where some couriers will provide their own shipping labels, meaning businesses do not need to produce their own. Without a system in place to override this printing of labels, there can be confusion amongst staff over which label to add onto a package. What’s more, printing labels unnecessarily increases the level of wastage produced by the warehouse, causing needless expense.

Eliminating this problem, this month brand new functionality has been introduced to OrderWise which enables users to prevent shipping address labels being printed against a specific delivery method or courier. Through this new capability, OrderWise users now have greater control over their label output within the warehouse. This not only helps businesses to eliminate any unnecessary wastage being produced, but also makes it clearer for staff which label to include on each shipment.

New Courier Integration With Express Freight

In addition to this new feature, this month we have also welcomed new courier integration with Express Freight to OrderWise. Express Freight is an independent freight company based in Northern Ireland which provides its customers with Irish, British and European freight delivery services.

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Thanks to this new addition, businesses using this courier can now benefit from greater efficiency within their despatch process, as well as helping to keep costs down and reduce errors through automatic transfer of delivery details.

Track Your Shipment At Any Time With The Pallet Network Functionality
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As well as new integration to Express Freight, this month we have also built on existing functionality with The Pallet Network, meaning users can now import consignment numbers from this courier too.

This allows customers to easily collate details and recount their order information, ensuring the relevant courier service is supplied with the correct information at all times so that demand can be fulfilled quicker.

If you would like to find out more about our Courier Integration please contact us on 01522 704083.

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