Quickly Action Promotions & Stock Clearances With Mobile Device Price Markdowns

Variable pricing is commonplace for retailers, with special offers and promotions meaning item and shelf price labels can often need changing. Another common necessity for retailers who sell goods with use by and/or best before dates are price markdowns, which aim to encourage quick sale of soon to perish goods through generous discounts.

price markdowns

However, it is important to have an effective system in place to amend and reduce prices appropriately, either for promotions or when dates are due to expire. Having staff going in and out of a back office to check pricing and generate new price or shelf labels is not an efficient use of staff time and detracts from their ability to deliver high levels of customer service to in-store customers.

What’s more, in terms of perishable goods, failure to manage the necessary price markdown operations in a timely and efficient manner can mean products being wasted and money lost on unsold and perished goods.

Effectively Manage In-Store Price Markdowns With OrderWise Mobile WMS Devices

Building on an ever-growing range of features and functionality dedicated to streamlining and enhancing retail operations, such as the OrderWise Store EPOS system, this month’s OrderWise release sees further valuable retail functionality added.

Our Mobile WMS Devices now enable retailers to scan relevant items on shelves, set promotional and marked down prices from the device and then print barcoded ‘promotional’ or ‘reduced’ price labels via a Bluetooth connected label printer. These labels can then be scanned and recognised by the OrderWise Store EPOS system when a customer goes to purchase the item, providing a fast solution to this common retail practice.

Utilising OrderWise Mobile WMS Devices for these in-aisle price promotions and markdowns and the necessary label printing means businesses can save time and labour costs with a swift, structured and accurate method of managing in-aisle price labelling.

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