Put Your Stamp On OrderWise For Android

Since the release of OrderWise For Android, businesses using the app have been able to benefit from invaluable functionality when selling on-the go.

Constant development has brought more and more features to the app each month with the latest release of OrderWise being no different. With on-the-road negotiations having never been simpler, the OrderWise for Android App already allows staff to maximise sales opportunities by syncing vital data seamlessly between a user’s Android device and the main OrderWise system in real time.

Whether businesses are looking for staff to check prices, raise sales orders, view customer details or check recent activity when out on the road, the OrderWise App provides all the vital information and functionality today’s fast-paced businesses need. You can find out more about what OrderWise For Android already has available HERE.

Available to existing users on Google Play once added to their OrderWise licence, this month sees multiple new features added to OrderWise For Android.

Customise Your OrderWise App For Greater Personalisation

With more businesses turning to mobile apps in order to maximise sales opportunities when selling out on the road, it is important to make your brand distinct across all platforms. Businesses looking to strengthen their trademark need to ensure they maintain a uniformed appearance and professional look to build on their presence and keep awareness above that of their competitors. In the world of remote sales, this can be something that gives a company the extra edge needed when out on-the-road.

Without this uniformed look, businesses will lose the strength in their image and customers may feel wary of buying from a company that displays as one name from the office but isn’t clearly branded when selling remotely via reps out in the field or at trade shows. This lack of personalisation results in a dilution of brand awareness and customers could lose confidence in a business that has already spent years building its image.

Negating these issues, the latest release brings a valuable new feature to OrderWise For Android which provides companies with the ability to customise the external appearance of the app. Now within the app, users can fully customise the main theme colour and add their own company logo in place of the existing OrderWise icon and styling. This allows businesses to unify their brand across all trading channels and add their personal stamp to their chosen remote order processing platform. This functionality is also beneficial to businesses who operate under multiple trademarks as they can individually personalise the app on each device to look however they need, creating even greater brand clarity.

By using this new functionality to add that professional touch to on-the-go sales, OrderWise For Android will help you to strengthen your brand image and instil buoyancy into your company’s image as you continue to extend your sales operations further afield.

Increase Accounts Accuracy With Aged Balances Now Visible Within Credit Details

Whilst OrderWise already offers comprehensive functionality to manage aged balances within the system, it is useful for users to have access to this information when out and about as well. Checking the aged balance of a customer will give the sales rep a clear understanding of their current financial situation and enable them to be better advised when negotiating a deal. Whilst these details can be obtained from the main office, it becomes a laborious task feeding the information back and forth to the sales rep out using their tablet or mobile. This additional time required to attain this information prevents users from making quick and informed decisions.

As part of the latest list of new features in the app, OrderWise has extended existing functionality to allow users to view aged balances using their mobile or tablet. Businesses can now use the app to keep track of customer aged balances from within credit details and gain even greater accounts control and ensure they are always effectively managing customer expenditure.

OrderWise will keep track of aged balances by placing them into aged periods based on the settings set within the main system, allowing the user to see exactly what a customer owes during each period at the click of a button. With this vital information easily obtainable on-the-road, businesses will have increased visibility across all platforms and can accurately see how much a customer owes and for how long this has been owed.

Added Functionality Enables Gross Total In Mobile Sales Orders

This month’s release of OrderWise also sees added functionality that enables users to see the gross total of a sales order from within the mobile app. For many businesses, this is a useful feature to have as it allows the user to provide an accurate representation of the total cost inclusive of tax to their prospective customers. When pricing up an order whilst visiting customers on the road, it can be valuable to quickly see the gross cost without having to manually calculate it. The benefit being that customers aren’t left questioning where additional costs have come from later on down the line when the tax is added.

OrderWise For Android already offers enough comprehensive functionality to help maximise sales on the road and this continued development each month ensures that the mobile offering of OrderWise stays ahead of the game. Thanks to these multiple new additions the OrderWise App now offers even greater help to staff looking to stay connected to their data whilst on-the-move.

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