How Delivery Method Packing Materials Can Help To Prevent Mispacks

Many businesses will often use a variety of couriers for their fulfilment, as the best value shipper will usually vary from order to order depending on the size, weight and destination.

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Although much more cost-effective, using a range of couriers can sometimes leave packers with a bit of a headache when it comes to knowing what materials to use. Often couriers will have their own packing materials, however packers won’t always have the visibility or awareness of what courier it is being used to ship the order.

Without this information, businesses increase the chance of items being put into the wrong parcels and packages. If this error isn’t spotted straight away, businesses can quickly encounter delays to orders being shipped out, as they will need to wait for items to be repackaged into the correct jiffy bags or cardboard boxes. If these small mistakes occur frequently enough, businesses can quickly get a build-up of non-shipped orders that ultimately lead to bottlenecks in their despatch. Therefore, it is important businesses have controls in place to ensure packers only use valid packing materials for the courier being used to ship the order.


New controls to restrict packing materials to specific delivery methods

With these situations in mind, a new feature has been added to OrderWise this month that enables users to now assign packing materials to their delivery methods. This means that if a delivery method is set up in OrderWise to restrict packing materials, users will only be able to see and select these permitted packing materials when packing orders.

By being able to place restrictions on when certain packing materials can be used, businesses using OrderWise can help to eliminate the chance of items being packed incorrectly. This helps to ensure despatch operations continue to run smoothly and orders are quickly, accurately and cost-effectively fulfilled.

To learn more about OrderWise Despatch including Courier Integration and Delivery Rules, call our team on 01522 704083.

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