OrderWise in January 2022 – v22.1

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January heralds a new year, but just like every month for the next twelve and beyond it also means a new release of OrderWise is now available. Read on to learn more about how OrderWise v22.01 improves courier integration, mobile device options, system settings, and much more

Courier integration

OrderWise continues to offer more and more methods to ensure your businesses supply chains remain unbroken. The latest rounds of courier integration improvements include the following:

  • UPS Worldship – Output customer EORI Number
  • FedEx – Third Party Duties Payment
  • DHL API – International Direct Feed
  • MetaPack V3 – International Direct Feed – ZPL Labels

Mobile devices

OrderWise 22.01 continues the work of the last several months of updates by further enhancing the user experience on handheld terminals. The latest improvements include the following:

  • The stock list can now be seen from the ‘Goods In’ and ‘Move Stock’ areas on the Android HHT
  • Special instructions prompts can be selected to appear on all orders when a pick is opened on the HHT
  • Scan patterns have now been changed, so that when using the “Variant / bin / quantity / variant” scan pattern, variants are requested before bins in the ‘Move Stock’ mode.


System setting options are an important component of any set of software updates. The following changes are now potentially available to OrderWise users thanks to the rolling out of version 22.01. They include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • The ability to calculate average selling price against line in a sales order
  • High margin analysis on sales orders
  • The ability to save refund orders without processing payment
  • The means to mass edit additional discounts for individual lines

OrderWise means optimised workflow

Every month OrderWise’s teams of workflow researchers, software engineers, systems designers, and support staff carefully collaborate to create new and improved versions of our software. Read here to understand v22.01 in full, or speak to one of our customer success managers to find out more.

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