OrderWise in January 2021 – v21.1

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Launch the new year with OrderWise v21.1 updates

Best wishes on the start of 2021! With the new year well underway, new features, updates, and adaptations are being added to the latest version of the OrderWise software suite. With new options to keep your business Brexit-compliant and all the extra efficiencies you’d expect of an OrderWise update, v21.1 will ensure you can keep all your business operations streamlined and successful.

Courier integration

To ensure your business operations remain as undisrupted as possible while dealing with the current issues surrounding Brexit and COVID-19, integrations with all of the following couriers have been updated.

  • BluJay
  • Despatch Bay
  • DHL Express
  • DPD and MyDPD
  • Dunelm/WASP
  • FedEx
  • P2P TrakPak
  • Royal Mail

These updates include label size and label DPI options, the inclusion of new signature images, amendments to the Brexit mapping features, and several API changes. All to make sure your goods get where they should be going as fast as possible.


In version 21.01 of OrderWise, a selection of the new features will help account tracking and payment organisation move much more smoothly. Among the most important of these is the enhancement of the extended payment terms and settlement options, where you can select the number days you want to add to existing terms, based on a specific time frame.

Other adjustments to the way data gets imported from Worldpay Bank and HSBC Bank USA NA. In OrderWise v21.1 it now allows for split-screen bank reconciliations from both bodies. You can also now add attachments to purchase invoices, and due to Brexit, VAT return data checks are enabled by default.

Android HHT features

Using OrderWise in a warehouse context is continuing to evolve and improve. In v21.1 there are several new features that can now be done through Android handheld terminal devices. These include:

  • Stocktake deletion
  • Pick reassignment
  • Carton Goods In
  • Put Away amalgamation


Your ecommerce systems continue to receive updates and improvements in OrderWise v21.1. These include how online store product exports can now highlight the oldest expiry date on a specific variant transaction, the adding of custom tags to customer attachment, and the ability to export variant external analysis.

And many more…

The OrderWise developing team is always working hard to bring you the best and most powerful business software suite possible. Other enhancements included with v21.01 include:

  • Invoicing integration with Sage 200 2020
  • Despatch prioritisation options to prefer customers with the fewest items
  • Original return transaction ID field
  • Inclusion of eBay business policies at the variant level

All this and more can be found in v21.1, but when it comes to all we plan to improve in this new year, this is only the beginning.

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