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A major change for Pharmaceutical businesses across the UK, this month has seen FMD (the Falsified Medicines Directive) officially brought into law. This is an EU wide initiative which aims to eliminate counterfeit medicines entering the Pharmaceutical supply chain and means that businesses operating in this sector now need to verify stock in and out of the business to ensure their compliance with this new regulation.

To help with this, last month we introduced the brand-new OrderWise FMD module, enabling us to deliver both all-in-one ERP or Mobile WMS solutions with FMD capabilities. This new module has been built around software for both the main OrderWise application and our Mobile WMS Devices, with the aim to assist users operating within the Pharmaceutical Wholesale and Distribution space with their FMD compliance. Through the OrderWise FMD module, businesses subject to these new regulations can manage the necessary verification checks from the point of goods receipt right the way through to final shipment.

Ensure FMD Compliance At Container Goods In

Now following on from the launch of the OrderWise FMD module, this month sees further functionality introduced which enables businesses to fulfil their FMD requirements when booking in containers.

Firstly, when businesses receive goods into stock via the Container Goods In module on an OrderWise Mobile WMS Device or in-system, batch, serial & expiry details will be recorded when scanned or manually entered in OrderWise as normal. Then, once the required check percentage amount has been booked in, a bulk verification check will be automatically initiated, the results of which will then be stored against the Goods In transaction and visible within the new FMD Verification and Action History grids of OrderWise.

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As when using the FMD module at other points along the supply chain, businesses also have a Verify Selected option, which can be used to check products on an ad-hoc basis before the bulk verification stage has commenced. This provides users with the flexibility for further FMD verification to be easily completed at the company’s discretion.

Thanks to this new addition, pharmaceutical wholesalers and distributors subject to these new EU regulations now have a highly accurate, efficient and FMD compliant method of booking in goods received on containers.

If you would like to find out more about how OrderWise can aid your own FMD Compliance, speak to our team on 01522 704083.

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