OrderWise Becomes Entirely Self-Sufficient To Provide Unbeatable Support To Customers


This month here at OrderWise, we have installed a brand new generator as part of our untiring strive for consistent productivity and improved customer service.

Our high tech and highly modified Inmesol Generator has been introduced following the recently completed £1.2m expansion to the OrderWise premises.


With 8 days’ worth of fuel and highly adapted using Marine Switchgear, the generator provides enough power to support over nine departments within OrderWise. No business wants to be halted by a power cut, which is why OrderWise has invested into this state-of-the-art technology allowing continued support to our clients. The Inmesol generator is so advanced it senses the quality of power coming into the building and automatically kicks in when an issue is detected. The machine then automatically turns back off again for full fuel saving efficiency.

This new generator has been brought in with maintaining excellent service to our clients’ needs in mind. Taking over 3,500 calls a month, it is vital that OrderWise can provide ongoing support and care in all situations. What’s more, we are proud to be able to say that OrderWise is entirely self-powered and, unlike other businesses, meaning we really do provide a complete all-in-one software management and services solution.

Through this investment in furthering our infrastructure, OrderWise customers can have complete peace of mind knowing that, in the unexpected event of an outage, the continuous flow of power will ensure their daily operations remain undisturbed.

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