First Functionality Expansion For OrderWise App

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Last month, the biggest addition to OrderWise so far this year arrived in the form of our brand new OrderWise For Android™ application.

Now available to existing customers on Google Play™, this comprehensive mobile software is built to keep users connected to their OrderWise data whilst on-the-move. Whether businesses are looking for staff to check prices, raise sales orders, view customer details or check recent activity when out on the road, the OrderWise App provides all the vital information and functionality today’s fast-paced businesses need. You can read more on this revolutionary module HERE.

Despite only being introduced last month, our development team have wasted little time adding multiple new features to our App in version 11.11 of OrderWise.

Full Invoice Visibility

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When businesses have sales reps out visiting customers, it is important that they are armed with as much information as possible. During interactions with customers, common enquiries that can crop up will often relate to the progress of their existing orders and outstanding invoices. If staff don’t have this information to hand to pass on, customers can often be left feeling frustrated having not received the first-class service that they have come to expect.

That’s why this month, our development team have added a range of new features to the OrderWise App that give users greater customer invoice visibility. Now when using the OrderWise App, staff can see customer invoices for existing orders, view sent and invoiced quantities against existing orders and also a customer’s invoice address. By having this information to hand, companies can arm staff with the customer data they need to answer any questions regarding invoicing, leaving them satisfied that they have received the details they require.

More Stock Information

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Staff selling out on the road will tell you, having accurate stock information available will often be the difference between winning and losing a sale. Extending the data already visible within the OrderWise App, users can now in the product search screen see both product information and current stock figures for the user’s main stock location. This provides staff with easily accessible product data that they can use to accurately inform customers and also successfully close their sales.

Postcode Lookup With PostCoder Integration

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Postcode lookup facilities are an invaluable sales tool, enabling full addresses to be automatically found by searching by the customer’s postcode. This allows staff to complete their transactions and communications both more accurately and efficiently.

With OrderWise PostCoder Integration, businesses already have the facility within the main OrderWise system to use a fast, effective postcode lookup tool to hasten the processing of sales orders on a daily basis. Now any business with this functionality on their licence will be able to use it in conjunction with the OrderWise App to streamline the raising of sales orders when selling out on the road. This can help OrderWise App users to deliver an exceptional customer buying experience that increases the likelihood that they’ll return to purchase again.

With these multiple new additions, the dynamic functionality already introduced within OrderWise For Android last month has been further extended, offering greater help to staff looking to stay connected to their data and maximise their sales opportunities whilst on-the-move.

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For more information on OrderWise For Android, check out our listing on the Google Play Store HERE.

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