OrderWise 19.12 new features arrive in time for Christmas

Our product update has arrived in time for Christmas!

Make the most of your last week of trading before Christmas Day and get ahead of the game for the January sales with a brand-new set of features in OrderWise 19.12.

Keep on top of your customers’ ‘best before’ expectations using our new ‘shelf life warning’ allocation feature

Expiry dates can now be managed at the tick of a box to keep your customers happy with the goods they’re receiving. Not to mention, prevent complaints or returns caused by bad expiry dates!

If you allocate an item to a customer that won’t meet their desired ‘best before’ date requirements in OrderWise 19.12, a warning message will now appear on the system to alert you.

Stock management and CRM updates

We have introduced two new grids to display ‘Customer’ and ‘Variant’ information for web shops in OrderWise 19.12. There’s also a new feature to quick adjust stock out using barcode scanners or by entering the variant codes.

A further setting has been launched to disable the auto calculation of discounts, which will avoid the removal of any auto discounts. To use this feature, click ‘Disable auto calculate discounts’ in the Discount Code window.

In CRM, you can now merge CRM records. Select ‘Merge CRM Records’ in the ‘Record List’ and ‘CRM Record History’ grids.

Schedule the ‘To Manufacture Report’ to keep up with demand

Keep up with demand on the items you manufacture by scheduling your works orders. The “To Manufacture Report” can now run as a scheduled service, meaning you don’t have to worry about generating works orders when you’re busy.

We’ve listened to our customers who want control over report users

Due to demand, we’ve introduced a new feature where you can assign reports to different users using a drop-down menu containing active users. It defaults to the user currently logged in, but you can select any other user to set the report to.

Print Amazon Vendor Central Goods labels and parcel labels from OrderWise Despatch

Do you have the Amazon Vendor Integration? You can now print Amazon Vendor Central Goods labels and parcel labels directly from the OrderWise system. This will save you valuable time before despatching goods.

Two new standard layouts are also available in the system and both meet the Amazon Vendor Central guidelines.

Pack Scan has also improved in the Despatch module to offer a better user experience. The start and end times of the Pack process have been fine-tuned to give you an accurate packing time. In addition, you can now always use the external EAN quantity when you scan an external EAN. To enable this, select ‘Enforce external EAN quantity’ in Despatch.

Assign eBay business policies to your eBay templates in ecommerce

If you’re using our eBay integration, you can now save time by assigning business policies to your eBay templates. If your policies are set up in eBay, you don’t need to set up individual policies for returns, shipping or payments in OrderWise. All you have to do is click on the policy you want the eBay template to use and the system will do it for you.

We hope these new additions in OrderWise will help you and your business operations this Christmas. To read the full release notes here.

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