On-The-Go Sales Insight using Business Intelligence With OrderWise For Android

For businesses with workforce who sell out on the road, it can often be a struggle to arm staff with the information they need to maximise each sales opportunity.

Having meaningful data on specific customers that provides the insights staff require when heading to buying meetings is an area where a lot of businesses can frequently fall short. With this vital information often acting as the major catalyst in winning or losing sales, not having intelligent analytics easily accessible can be highly detrimental when it comes to closing sales.

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Without the means of acquiring this heightened customer awareness, opportunities are quickly wasted and staff effectiveness drastically diminishes as it is focused on manually gathering information on customers rather than selling. Often to gain this information, staff will need to go through multiple different systems and databases in order to produce a report that will ultimately become outdated quite quickly. What’s more, without these statistics at your fingertips, staff trying to conduct out-of-office deals will be delayed as the data insights they need is passed back and forth from the office. This can result in a reduced concentration of sales being converted to completed deals and, consequently, a decreasing anticipated profit for the year.

Combine Existing Business Intelligence Functionality With The Intuitive OrderWise Android App

With the OrderWise Business Intelligence module, companies are already provided with the tools to unlock the full potential of their business data, making the information that is entered in to OrderWise as part of day to day trading activities work harder, faster and more intelligently than ever before (learn more about our Business Intelligence Module HERE). This wealth of data on all aspects of operations is one of the most valuable assets a company owns and now OrderWise allows this intuitive and detailed data analysis to be easily obtained at any time and any place through new OrderWise for Android functionality.

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OrderWise Android App users that also have the Business Intelligence Module on their licence now have the inclusive benefit of accessing all these comprehensive customer grids and charts from their tablet or mobile. This innovative new functionality transforms your sales opportunities enabling educated decision making and instant detailed insights for on-the-road sales staff. The freedom to analyse this information instantaneously without the pains of having to relay information to and from the office will increase productivity and help businesses to identify sales leakage faster than ever before.

Drill-Down Data For Greater Insights Whilst On-The-Go

Replicating in-system functionality, Business Intelligence on the OrderWise App allows up-to-the-minute customer data to be viewed, segmented, filtered and manipulated from a variety of entry points for detailed analysis. Using an intuitive interface, companies can easily compare performance based on quantity sold or profitability between chosen trading periods, drilling down to investigate even further at the touch of a screen. In just seconds, staff can spot previously unknown patterns, identify key relationships that may be down on sales, address any cause for concern and uncover information that would otherwise stay hidden.

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An exciting and practical feature of Business Intelligence on the OrderWise App is that users can choose to analyse their data using the standard grids or transform the comparable information into an easy-to-interpret graph for greater visual impact. This allows the already highly responsive OrderWise App to now produce detailed data information on any screen size when on-the-move, ensuring viewing results remain clear and optimised for the ideal user experience.

Currently the following BI Queries will be available from within the app:

Customer | Variant Category | Sold

Customer | Variant Category | Invoiced

Customer | Product | Sold

Customer | Product | Invoiced

Customer | Variant | Sold

Customer | Variant | Invoiced

This new intelligent functionality projected onto the app provides users with in-depth information to deliver a first-rate buying service. Companies using Business Intelligence on OrderWise For Android can significantly benefit from prompt sales decisions, greater product awareness and accurate customer understanding whilst negotiating on-the-road. Furthermore, users can utilise the vital statistics provided by this highly beneficial module to amend and rectify core issues at the point of discovery. In turn this will enable decision makers to identify and develop new strategic business opportunities on-the-go through detailed analysis, increasing profitability and promoting business growth as a result.

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