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The effectiveness of warehouse despatch operations can often be difficult for a business to quantify. As the final process before delivery to a customer it is crucial to be able to monitor both the performance and demand placed on this process.

All too often the first signs of potential issues within despatch arise from customer complaints. By having access to regularly refreshed key information on despatch companies are able not only to spot potential problems early, but also drive further efficiencies and improvements to further streamline and strengthen despatch operations.


The OrderWise KPI Dashboard Module now provides key business intelligence on despatch with 22 new performance indicator charts available. These charts cover a range of information such as

No of deliveries – overall, by picker or by packer

No of delivery lines – overall, by picker or by packer

Quantity of items despatched – overall, by picker or by packer

No of delivery lines despatched late and on-time.

This information can be displayed by day over a user defined period and individual stock location can be selected or figures used from across all stock locations.

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The new despatch dashboard means the OrderWise KPI Dashboard Module provides insightful business intelligence in 237 categories and growing. These powerful charts provide a constantly refreshed visual representation of your data. By overlaying previous years’ data will provide greater insight and context for informed interpretation of performance at a glance, allowing decisions to be made with confidence.

This invaluable module promotes a more proactive approach within the business, prioritising tasks which will help maximise sales, reduce costs, improve efficiency and increase customer service.

For more information download the brochure, watch the videos, or contact us on 01522 704083 to discuss your requirements in more detail.

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