Simplify Your Returns Approval Process With Our New Additions

Returns are inevitable. Any business selling goods can expect some level of sales to be returned back to them, even more so for apparel stockists.

Contrary to what some people may think, offering returns to your customers can be great for your business. Your returns policy is an important factor within customer buying decisions, especially if you trade online. A good returns approval policy can enhance customer loyalty and increase your profits. That being said, you will probably want to manage your processes to make returns as cost-effective as possible.

Set Authorisation Limits For Returns & Automatically Notify For Approval

Returns are an important part of your business, but it’s only something you want management involved with when required. Therefore, to avoid taking management away from more substantial tasks and having sales staff physically track them down when returns need authorising, a new feature enables approval limits on returns and refunds to now be set within the OrderWise software.

By setting returns limits for individual users or user groups within the system module, OrderWise users can now determine what level of return staff within the business are able to freely process. For example, you may want your sales team to handle any returns up to a value of £100, and anything above that limit to be approved by a manager or supervisor.

Once added, users in a group with limits set up for certain return actions will not have permission to process those actions for lines which have a value that is above their authorisation limit. Instead within the new Returns Authorisation grid, permitted users will be able to see all outstanding authorisation requests that fall within their approval limit. The user can then approve these requests and leave a comment which will be linked back through to the customer return line.

To help add greater automation to the returns approval process, this functionality will also be complemented by two new standard BI Alerts:
  • Returns authorisations requiring approval – notifies users within a certain user group to a list of returns authorisations that no other group can approve.
  • Approved returns authorisations – this will include returns that have been approved but the return line is still awaiting action. This will be sent to the originating users of the authorisation requests.

To ensure returns are actioned quickly, users will receive an automated notification with OrderWise BI Alerts. This allows you to maximise the productivity of your staff and means that returns can be authorised from anywhere, either on desktop or through the OrderWise mobile app. Additionally, it also means Managers and Supervisors only need to bring their attention to returns when it is required, allowing them to remain focussed on tasks that help to improve business performance.

For more information on OrderWise Returns, or if you have any other questions about our software, contact our team on 01522 704083.

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