New Additions Arrive To OrderWise CRM

Increased efficiency for OrderWise CRM users

Maintaining long term, positive relationships with customers is vital for encouraging repeat custom and establishing loyalty. Helping businesses to achieve this, OrderWise CRM offers a fully integrated customer management tool for managing all aspects of client interaction, ensuring your staff are communicating with the right people at the right time. Allowing your business to grow without the need to increase overheads, OrderWise CRM can be used both in-system and through the OrderWise Mobile App to ensure the right information is captured and prescribed workflows are always followed effectively.

Further extending the functionality of this module, Version 18.10 of OrderWise sees a number of new features added to CRM to further enhance the visibility and accessibility of key customer information.

Increased efficiency when closing CRM records

When it comes to CRM tools, it is not uncommon for departments within a business to use this for different purposes and in different ways. This means that when it comes to closing CRM records off, the reasons for these being closed either successfully or unsuccessfully is likely to vary between departments. Therefore, to keep things simple for staff and to avoid errors being made, it is important for businesses to ensure that the reasons for records being closed is kept relevant for each department.

With OrderWise CRM, businesses can already add multiple close reasons and apply these to the appropriate CRM tracks. Now adding greater efficiency to this process, active close reasons can now be multi-selected, multi-assigned and multi-deleted against a CRM track. When setting up a CRM track, permitted users will see a grid with all the active close reasons and will have the ability to select the close reasons they wish to apply to the track, using the clickable checkbox. By being able to add or remove multiple close reasons in one pass, businesses using OrderWise CRM can benefit from streamlined administration when managing the setup of each departmental track.

However, it is not just in the set up where further efficiency has been added this month. Version 18.10 also sees the introduction of a new close record button, which can be found directly within a CRM activity. This means once the final activity has been completed, the CRM record can be easily closed at the same time within the same screen.

View Key Customer Details From Your CRM Diary

For sales reps, one of the fundamental uses of any CRM system is to keep track of diary appointments and upcoming meetings. However, when looking at what meetings or appointments are scheduled for the day, staff may want to prepare for these by checking customer details, verifying business addresses or simply refreshing their memory on progress with that client.

With this in mind, additional functionality has been added to the OrderWise CRM diary this month, which now enables user access to customers and their timelines by simply clicking on the appointment. This gives staff the convenience of being able to check and edit key customer details when preparing for meetings, without having to navigate away from their diary.

Thanks to all these useful new additions to OrderWise CRM, businesses can further benefit from greater efficiency and easy access to information when using this module to build strong, profitable relationships customer relationships.

If you would like to discuss how your business could benefit from using OrderWise CRM, please contact us on 01522 704083.

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