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The importance to seize every sales opportunity is essential for businesses looking to maximise their profitability and hit sales goals. Therefore, understanding what customers want and the products they are interested in is crucial when determining marketing strategies targeted towards a specific audience. However in order to achieve this, it relies on good communication with sales staff feeding information back to the marketing team regarding previously discussed products.

Reminding staff to record this key information can be problematic without a good CRM system in place, however this problem is especially difficult for businesses who have sales staff working out on the road. The issue is, unless staff have the ability to record products discussed immediately after a conversation with a customer, it is likely that they will forget the full details by the time they return to the office. This makes lead generation efforts increasingly challenging, as marketing staff can’t know exactly who to target if they are kept in the dark regarding what sales staff have discussed with clients and the interest these customers have shown.

Seamlessly Record Interactions & Link To Marketing Segments On-The-Go

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With OrderWise CRM, businesses are already presented with a structured method of recording all customer interactions to help nurture positive client relationships and promote loyalty. With this module also seamlessly integrated to OrderWise Marketing, businesses can use the information stored in OrderWise CRM to ensure they are sending relevant and well-timed campaigns to their customers.

Furthering this link between the two modules, last month saw the addition of new functionality that allows users to record marketing segments against CRM activities when working in-system. Now extending this useful functionality, this month OrderWise has introduced this same feature to the Mobile App version of OrderWise CRM. This gives sales reps working out on the road the ability to conveniently record the contents of customer discussions against CRM activities, as well as any relevant marketing segments relating to items discussed.

From this information, businesses using OrderWise CRM, Marketing and the Mobile App together can ensure both sales and marketing staff are able to capitalise on customer interest by following up these discussions with well-timed and relevant marketing campaigns. By promoting greater company-wide visibility and seamless integration between departments, businesses using OrderWise for both their sales and marketing activities can help drive profitability.


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