Multiple new Features Arrive to Boost Online B2B Sales

For companies operating in a B2B trading environment, offering customers a hassle-free online order management system that seamlessly connects to offline trading channels can create many beneficial advantages. Without this valuable client gateway, businesses are hugely restricting their potential reach and limiting the ease of generating revenue. By driving sales through an online portal, businesses can not only improve customer relationships and service, but allow their valued customers to quickly and conveniently trade with them at any time.

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Recently, we unveiled the feature-rich OrderWise Trade Portal that offers a simple and stress-free solution for managing online B2B sales. Providing a dynamic range of features to drive sales, an OrderWise Trade Portal can make the process of selling business to business simple and effective for retaining valuable custom.

Already providing a wealth of functionality, the OrderWise Trade Portal is the ideal solution for managing online B2B trading. Connecting seamlessly with the back-end control of the main OrderWise Business Management Software, businesses can eliminate the need to manually transfer information into their Content Management System (CMS), saving time and ensuring accuracy. What’s more, subject to data quality, with the potential to be live and taking orders in just a few days, users can reap the benefits of online trading without added timescales that so often creep up when using third party eCommerce systems.

Since its release our experienced eCommerce team have continued to develop and evolve the capabilities of an OrderWise Trade Portal, with even more new functionality added in the last few months to further maximise the online B2B trading experience:

Maximise reach with SEO capabilities

For businesses using the OrderWise Trade Portal, it can be useful to only grant access to registered customers to help gain full control and keep trading volumes manageable. However for those wanting to make their Trade Portal more accessible to a wider client base, making the portal easy to find online is key for capitalising on the opportunity to attract new customers.

B2B trade SEO

To help with this, there is now the option to make the portal SEO friendly, allowing users to open up their online trading to unlimited numbers of visitors. With this option enabled, an OrderWise Trade Portal will be accessible in Google search results to unregistered users, who can then easily view product pages but without the access to pricing or a checkout. Not only does this keep your pricing competitive and private, but can help you build your user base by encouraging site visitors to enquire about your products.

View portal performance at a glance

For businesses using an online trade portal, it is important to see how effective the online channel is and to further analyse processes when issues arise. Without quick and easy access to simple sales statistics, businesses won’t be able to drill down into these results as rapidly or identify areas requiring improvements. This lack of visibility will cost businesses valuable staff time as they must extract data and create reports to gain the information the need.

Users can now view top level KPIs from directly within the OrderWise Trade Portal admin dashboard. This provides businesses with an instant and accurate snapshot of the portal’s sales performance, giving users a simple way of understanding this important data. By simply logging in to the OrderWise Trade Portal, permitted admins can view:

  • Total sales value
  • Total orders
  • Total variants
  • Total customers
  • Monthly order summary over 12 months
  • Monthly sales summary over 12 months
  • Last 10 orders

With all of this information visible in clear KPI graphs, OrderWise users can ensure sales are always maximised and the success of the trade portal can be analysed at just a glance.

Always stay on top of your orders

Often businesses may be selling specific products that require special attention when ordered, such as a courtesy call following a high-priced purchase or to simply chase up an opportunity to upsell further products or services post-sale. Without complete control over orders of these items, too much time could pass and sales staff can miss their chance to boost customer service levels or generate extra revenue. This lack of awareness on sales orders has a huge impact of customer satisfaction and can lead to business’ going elsewhere for a more personal buying experience.

To prevent this, OrderWise Trade Portal users can now enable variant specific emails to notify one or multiple email addresses when certain variants have been purchased via the portal. This allows anything from just the awareness that the specific item has been purchased going to the right person in the business, all the way to wider notification that allows for an easy and imminent follow up by the relevant staff.

Improve online shopping experience for trade customers

With online B2B trading, businesses want a quick and easy process of purchasing their products online, as many will be ordering items in bulk. However, if the product ordering process is too time-consuming for buying multiple items at once, valued clients can be quickly encouraged to take their custom elsewhere. Therefore, without processes in place to streamline the user experience, these all-important large orders will decrease as businesses begin to look for a more convenient solution.

B2B trade

For these reasons, the OrderWise Trade Portal now offers multiple solutions to providing a stress-free customer experience when shopping directly within the gateway, the first being the option to enable an expanded variant grid upon searching for a product. With this enabled, visitors can see a full range tab on a product which then opens all different options of the product that has been purchased and allows the customer to enter quantities directly from within that screen.

As well as this useful tool, there is also an option to enable a quick order trade grid for all products that have two options in the purchase process. This means that when customers visit a product, they can see the trade grid below to quickly and easily input multiple options without the need to trawl through multiple different product pages. By enabling these options, businesses can provide a streamlined process of bulk purchasing and encourage repeat custom with the visitors knowing it is a stress-free and simple process to purchase their items.

Revolutionise your online trading and grow your B2B sales with OrderWise

By using an OrderWise Trade Portal, your business can not only reap the benefits of a seamlessly connected online ordering system but also continue to improve and streamline this online experience thanks to continuous development. For B2B businesses hoping to expand their sales potential with a fully featured online platform that offers rapid deployment, the OrderWise Trade Portal is the ideal solution.

Contact one of our OrderWise eCommerce Business Consultants today on 01522 704083 or email to find out more about this valuable new feature.

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