Meet Regulations & Improve Quality Control With New BOM Approval Workflow

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For manufacturing businesses, it is often important to have procedures in place to carefully review different stages of the product building process in order to maintain quality and control throughout. This is even more paramount in highly regulated industries such as the pharmaceutical industry, where new formulations need to be approved and there needs to be a definitive additional check for safety measures before manufacture of that particular product can begin.

However in other industries where a new manufactured product is being launched, a build process is being amended or bespoke work is being done, there may also be the desire for an additional revision check in order to add greater structure and quality management over their manufacturing. This is because without this structured verification process in place, businesses may find mistakes are made in the initial revision that cause issues and expenses further down the line.

This month, version 18.8 of OrderWise has seen new functionality added for a Bill of Materials (BOM) approval workflow. This new feature allows users to view and manage the checking of product BOMs prior to these manufactured items being built.

Structured Management Of Your Manufactured Revisions

When using this new approval process, manufactured revisions can have three different approval statuses; Draft, Approved and Archived. The archived tab can particularly help if changes to revisions need to be made or certain materials have been discontinued, and the draft stage highlights to staff that the product can’t be used on sales orders, but can still be edited. Overall, having these three stages provides greater visibility as to whether users are allowed to place manufactured products into sales or works orders.

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In addition to this new functionality, OrderWise Manufacturing users also have the option to only have one active revision against a BOM. This offers businesses in regulated industries enhanced control as they can ensure there’s only one formulation being used, eliminating the risk of the wrong revision being selected.

Thanks to this new capability, businesses using OrderWise Manufacturing can ensure there is the right structure in place when managing their BOM approval. This allows revisions for bespoke and regulated products to be thoroughly checked before being committed to works orders, whilst also ensuring costs are accounted for correctly and accurate margins are achieved.

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