Greater Part-Shipping Flexibility To Help Meet Customer Demand

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When it comes to receiving orders, customers will always have a preference as to whether they wish to receive all their goods at once or are happy to receive items simply as and when they are ready. That said, there can be occasions where customers who are usually accepting of part shipments may wish to receive an order completely in one shipment. There could be several reasons for this, for example if the order contains specially ordered stock or gift items.

Without the ability to prevent requested orders from being part shipped, businesses may find that these requests are overlooked and some orders are still mistakenly sent out to customers in this manner. With customers always expecting to receive their orders in the time and fashion that they need, not having the right level of control over each shipment can easily lead to dissatisfied customers that may take their business elsewhere for future orders.

New Feature To Prevent Specific Orders From Being Part Shipped
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Within OrderWise, businesses already have the flexibility to set against each of their customers whether they will accept part shipments and allow multiple orders to be collated into the same shipment, minimising the risk of orders being despatched to clients incorrectly.

Now adding a new enhancement to this functionality, there is an option within OrderWise Sales that enables this setting to be overridden on an order by order basis for any customer set to accept part shipments. This means if the customer requests for a specific order to not be part-shipped, then OrderWise users can simply edit the relevant details section within the sales order entry screen.

Thanks to this new enhancement, businesses using OrderWise now have the added flexibility of being able to override the shipping method for customers who usually accept part shipments. By being able to further cater towards customer demand, businesses can ensure clients are always satisfied with how their orders are delivered.

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