Maximise Efficiency With Automated Delivery Selection

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If your business despatches multiple deliveries via courier services, then you’ll already know just what a headache it is ensuring each order is despatched correctly.

Manually choosing the right method of delivery for every sales order can be time consuming and costly to the business when mistakes are made.
If a company charges a set delivery fee to their consumers, picking the most affordable and accurate delivery option becomes increasingly vital to avoid unnecessary costs during the despatch process.

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Whilst some couriers may be more affordable based on weight, it may also be that they charge far higher fees for long distance travel. Expecting each member of staff to make the right decision could lead to less cost-effective couriers being used, decreasing the profitability and efficient delivery of each order.

What’s more, this laborious process slows down the company’s warehouse operations leading to rising costs from having to employ more staff in an attempt to meet demand. To avoid this lack of accuracy, businesses are increasingly looking towards automated methods of courier selection.

Streamline Your Daily Warehouse Operations

OrderWise already delivers extensive functionality within the Despatch module to streamline operations and maximise staff efficiency. OrderWise Despatch provides you with effective warehouse management tools to ensure orders are fulfilled profitably, accurately and on time.

Whether a business is fulfilling a handful of orders or thousands of orders every day, OrderWise Despatch can provide the right solution. Flexible and scalable, the OrderWise Despatch module can be configured to meet the exact needs of each business, with a full suite of warehouse management tools that utilise barcode scanning technology and seamless Courier Integrations also available.

Accurate Delivery Costs Every Time With New Despatch Rules Functionality

Now with Version 12.7 of OrderWise, new functionality has been introduced to automate delivery method selection based on various aspects of the outgoing order. The new despatch rules functionality offers a streamlined process that removes the pains of manually selecting correct delivery options on every order and provides accurate, cost-effective selections every time.

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This latest feature will allow businesses to update order delivery methods based on a simple set of rules created within the system. These rules enable users to apply a logical set of conditions based on various factors in the sales order such as delivery country, weight or volume, with this information then being used to automatically update the delivery method on the order to the most fitting option. By selecting the priority of each rule, users can fully customise how they want to optimise their delivery method set up.

With this new development in place, companies will benefit from always having the optimum delivery method set for each and every order, eliminating human error. With the addition of this great new functionality, companies using OrderWise are now able to benefit from a faster, more-streamlined method of courier selection every time and businesses can continue to obtain maximum efficiency throughout all despatch operations.

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