Maintain Picking Efficiency With New Stock Consolidation Module

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For businesses operating warehouses of any size, it can be common to end up storing stock of the same item across multiple bins. This can be because if one bin fills up, stock will be distributed to the next free bin location, resulting in various quantities of the same stock suddenly being stored across multiple bins in the warehouse. Although this might not necessarily cause problems if mostly small quantities of stock are picked, when there are larger quantities or full pallets are needed to fulfil an order, issues can start to arise.

This is because pickers then end up needing to collect the stock from multiple bins spread throughout the warehouse, rather than just one location. This ultimately leads to lowered productivity, reduced pickings speeds and longer despatch times, as staff travel longer distances to collect stock. Therefore businesses regularly fulfilling large quantity orders, this inefficient way to amalgamate a single order for despatch can drastically affect the amount of orders leaving the warehouse, in turn leaving the business unable to meet despatch requirements and leading to poor customer service.

Increase Warehouse Productivity By Consolidating Stock Back Together

OrderWise Mobile WMS Devices already allow you to keep pick faces constantly refreshed for faster picking with the Stock Replenishment module. Users with the Stock Replenishment module on the main system can perform structured management of pick face and bin replenishment via the mobile devices. Replenishments are wirelessly synced to a user’s device and pickers are guided firstly to pick the required stock by best route before replenishing into relevant bins.

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Further improving despatch efficiency, the latest version of OrderWise sees a new Stock Consolidation module added to the OrderWise Mobile WMS Devices. This module enables users to bring back together multiple quantities or pallets of the same item spread across multiple bins, merging all this stock back to a common location. Once max quantities and percentages for bin locations have been set in OrderWise, warehouse staff will simply be able to pull and place stock from numerous locations and consolidate them back into a single empty bin.

When placing stock, if the whole amount will not fit in a single bin then staff can edit the quantity placed and request an additional suggested location nearby. If there are no further bins where the remaining stock can be amalgamated, then the stock can simply be placed in the next empty bin, with a discrepancy raised so OrderWise knows to not suggest moving stock to a bin where it will not fit.

Retain Fast Fulfilment At All Times With A Logical Warehouse Set Up

Thanks to this useful new module, users of the OrderWise WMS Mobile Devices can continue completing picks in the most accurate and efficient manner. By streamlining and speeding up the despatch process by reducing travel time, this new Stock Consolidation module ensures warehouse operations are kept running smoothly.

To find out more about this useful new feature, contact our team today on 01522 704083.

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