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In busy retail environments, especially during peak gifting periods such as Christmas where customers are likely to buy large quantities of items at once, it is not uncommon for businesses to receive requests to leave items behind the till while the customer continues to browse in-store. In these instances, customers may want to secure the purchase of popular items that they think may sell out, but then park their order while they continue to browse other products. This can be particularly common in stores based over several floors, as it means customers are not struggling to carry large or multiple items around, instead simply placing items behind the till and then coming back later to collect their products once they have finished doing all their shopping in-store.

However, the difficulty arises when staff start processing the order and the customer then requests to leave the items there and continue browsing the store. Without the ability to park this order, businesses will have to void the sale off so that they can continue serving other customers. This means all the items will then have to be scanned through again once the customer returns to complete their purchase, causing order processing speeds to be unnecessarily slowed down during these busy periods.

Continue To Provide Faster Till Service With OrderWise Store EPOS

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OrderWise Store EPOS already delivers integrated EPOS and mPOS software to any business operating a busy retail environment, allowing for accurate stock visibility across one or multiple stores that ensures only the best customer service is delivered. Now offering further functionality to users, OrderWise Store EPOS now offers the ability for orders to be parked and unparked. This allows an EPOS order to be saved in the background and then accessed later that day for the purchase to be completed once the customer has finished their shopping.

Through this great new feature, OrderWise Store EPOS users can allow customers to reserve their items and then continue browsing in-store without carrying heavy items around. This not only promotes excellent in-store service but also allows businesses to continue serving other customers efficiently through their tills during the busiest times.


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