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OrderWise provides your business with comprehensive end-to-end Inventory Management Software that integrates with all aspects of your company’s operation

Accurate & Efficient Inventory Management Software from OrderWise

  • Whether you need a system to manage your entire operation or to help with certain elements of your stock control, OrderWise Inventory Management Software features bring your operations back in order
  • Our OrderWise Inventory Management Software solves your inventory management nightmare, regardless of what stock your business sells, how it’s used, or where it’s located, delivering accurate and efficient inventory control throughout your entire operation
  • 30 years’ experience implementing software solutions for our customers – with over 1,000 customers already using OrderWise
  • 600 new features and improvements released each year and a team of over 200 experts to support you on your technology journey.
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Key features

Warehouse Management

Warehouse Management

Achieve accurate stock handling and rapid order fulfilment across one or multiple warehouses, regardless of the number of orders you receive.

Stock Management

Inventory Management Software

Achieve unrivalled stock accuracy, complete traceability and full visibility across one or multiple locations.

Courier Integration

Courier Integration

Streamlined shipping with integration to over 40 popular courier providers for automatic label printing and transfer of delivery details.

Ecommerce Website


Feeding current stock levels and customer despatch updates, OrderWise eCommerce makes online order management simple.



Easily maintain stock accuracy across all your channels, helping staff to reduce overselling, maximise sales opportunities and close with confidence.



Dramatically improve the accuracy of your stock valuations and gain insight into true profit margins with our integrated Purchasing software.

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Real-time stock visibility – take control of your business

Meet Customer Demand
Keep your hard-earned customers coming back for more with real-time stock visibility & unrivaled functionality to have the right products as soon as your customers require them.

Right Stock, Right Place
Smart forecasting, accurate stock valuations, full control on inventory spending, seasonal optimisation and more ensure you’ve always got the right stock, in the right place, at the best price.

Take The Stress Away
Our easy-to-use Inventory Management Software is scalable to meet your business requirements and needs.


Our Customers

Tight control

“We’ve got tight control and visibility of stock and full traceability and control of expiry dated products, which as an MHRA licensed business is crucial”

Massively improved

“In the warehouse efficiencies and stock accuracy has massively improved, it’s great for us because it only puts on the pick note what’s in stock whereas previously all our out of stock items used to appear – you can track your orders through the system a lot easier, at any one time I know who’s picking what order, how many orders are awaiting picking, how many orders we’ve despatched today, you just get that overall visibility of what your business is doing”

Error rate of 0.002%

“Just in tonnage alone, we on a record day on the old system would pick around 3.5 tonne. On the OrderWise system, our record day is 11.5 tonne for one picker. Our error percentage has dramatically reduced too, across over 19,000 lines despatched last month using the OrderWise system we had an error rate of 0.002%.”

600 orders over a weekend

“We’ve had days where we’ve had 600 orders come in over the weekend on the fulfilment side, so on behalf of a client. With OrderWise, we’ve managed to get all those out with very few errors within a couple of days. We’ve had several days as busy as that and if we had been using a manual process, we’d have lost days at a time.”

Improved massively

“The relationship between the warehouse and stores has also improved massively. Using one system, it’s a lot easier to find the right stock at the right time, accuracy is a lot better and it’s easier to find the sales statistics for the week”

Speed is not an issue here now

“Speed is not an issue here now, within pharmaceutical companies it is all about the accuracy of information so much more importance is placed on the effectiveness of our batch number and expiry date picking. But because everything here is double checked both in and out of the warehouse by OrderWise, we never have any problems”

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