New BI Alerts For Intuitive Sales Activity Notifications

In fast-paced trading environments, it can be difficult for businesses to see where their sales are being won and lost.

Within data, there are hundreds of new opportunities waiting to be captured but also areas requiring attention. However timing is everything and without the right tools to help companies identify key patterns at the right time, many lack the information they need in order to make accurate decisions on where to focus their sales efforts. To ensure this leakage is plugged at the source and sales opportunities are fully maximised, businesses need to not only know have the information they need available but also be able to automatically notify staff when something of importance arises in their data.

Without an instant warning on whether a specific customer may have dropped below their usual monthly purchases, contact hasn’t been made over a certain period of time or there are quotes yet to be converted, then businesses can find themselves constantly missing opportunities. Whilst intelligent reports may allow them to drill down into detail to find the fundamental concerns within their sales operations, for more time-sensitive issues immediate attention is required before it is too late.

However with so many customers to manage, it can be difficult to keep track of key sales activity without knowing where to look in the first place. This can be damaging to a business and, as opportunities continue to be delayed or missed altogether, company sales potential remains locked.

Deliver Key Data To Your Sales Reps & Accounts Managers Like Never Before

Businesses are constantly looking to streamline reporting processes and they can do this by having an operation in place that automatically captures important data to then be used for in-depth sales insight. OrderWise already solves the data preparation nightmare with the OrderWise Business Intelligence module, which provides companies with the tools they need to unlock the full potential of their business data. This module makes the information that is entered in to OrderWise as part of day to day trading activities work harder, faster and more intelligently than ever before, allowing problem areas to be easily highlighted and sales opportunities maximised.

However, in order to relevantly receive this data at a time when you need it most, this month sees the introduction of a new BI Alerts module to allow staff to be actively notified as key information is retrieved.

Maximise Productivity With Invaluable New BI Alerts

Now you can deliver data like never before with the innovative, new and entirely independent OrderWise BI Alerts Module. Enabling you to drill down even further without any of the hard work, BI Alerts offers a revolutionary solution to help users address important sales activity as and when it arises. Available both in-system or through the OrderWise App, this handy new module provides the automated alerts directly to your email based on your own customised rules to indicate a predefined event, issue or condition has occurred and action is needed. This means that with OrderWise BI Alerts staff are instantly notified when action is needed, allowing them to continue focusing on their work rather than constantly referring to dashboards. What’s more, it means they only respond when a performance issue requires their attention, ensuring greater productivity is achieved.

This latest module operates on the information your company already holds and utilises it to produce valuable up-to-the-minute notifications of happenings within your business. Using the pre-existing 16 alert queries, you can set up a new rule against suppliers, customers or variants and assign follow ups to a choice of a user, a group or a team created within the OrderWise system. The setup also offers a varied selection of icons and colour choices to be set against the predefined rule for added personalisation and to easily differentiate each specific alert as they are received. Users are also given the ability to automatically resolve alerts for a more streamlined method of handling their data notifications.

Maximise Profitability With Instant Action Using OrderWise CRM

Also with the new addition of BI Alerts comes a whole new level of automation to the OrderWise system. By setting up a scheduled task service, businesses have the functionality of automatically scheduling updates over time periods suited to them, meaning once alerts are set up manual processes are all but eliminated. With all of this editable following creation or paused indefinitely for complete control, users can rest easy knowing their BI Alerts will always be tailored to suit the changing needs of their business.

However the real power of OrderWise BI Alerts comes through how it works seamlessly with OrderWise CRM. Users who receive an alert can choose to create an opportunity off the back of the notification, providing businesses with an effortlessly integrated all-in-one sales management solution that enables action to be made at first instance.

Additionally, OrderWise also allows users to view relevant history from within the BI Alerts grid or, within the alert itself, add notes, reassign or simply mark as complete once actioned. This new functionality streamlines and heightens the productive activities of your business because now staff not only receive alerts when an action is required but the relevant person can also then act on this instantaneously.

On-The-Go Data Alerts With OrderWise For Android

What’s more, businesses who operate with sales staff out on-the-road can also set up customer BI Alerts to sync through to the OrderWise App. Mobile applications are playing an increasingly vital role in business management with even more sales reps relying on the convenience of access to on-demand information when selling in the field. With this in mind, the ability to utilise fast, accurate data notifications means businesses are free to unlock maximum sales potential and make that all important deal at the very moment opportunities are revealed.

OrderWise For Android already provides software to keep your sales staff in touch with their data and sell effectively whilst out on-the-road by providing all the vital information and functionality today’s fast-paced businesses need. You can find out more about our OrderWise App HERE.

Now with BI Alerts also available to the OrderWise App, businesses with sales staff working in the field can quickly access this new module to see all notifications coded with the colour and icon set against each alert for simple differentiation. Bringing through and emailing across only alerts relating to the account manager or rep the app is registered to, users can be fast acting on any activity as soon as it requires attention.

Staff can then effortlessly mark alerts as complete or add notes once the task has been actioned as they can in the main OrderWise system. With all of this information then seamlessly updated to the main OrderWise system when connected to the internet, businesses can be sure staff are fully productive with their time whether visiting existing customers, meeting potential clients or attending trade shows.

With the ability to use this latest OrderWise Module anywhere and at any time, OrderWise BI Alerts makes the perfect addition for businesses wanting to stay ahead of competitors and exceed potential. By using this invaluable new functionality made available by BI Alerts, users are not only able to gain unparalleled insight into areas of importance within their business but can also instantly capture and act upon notifications for maximum sales opportunities.

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