Instant Visibility Of Pick Progress With Improved Tote Check Functionality

Effective warehouse management is at the centre of operations for many companies, with clear visibility of stock and staff activity helping with decision making, productivity and ultimately profitability. The use of structured walk routes, barcode scanning technology, tote and trolleys allow the picking of multiple orders at once, helping to dramatically increase pick speeds and turnaround volumes. An additional way to increase overall efficiency and productivity is by carefully monitoring picker activity, with management/supervisory staff assigning tasks based on clocked in pickers and their current workload.


However, it can often be the case that warehouse supervisors don’t have a real-time insight into picking progress and items which may have been picked but not yet packed and shipped. If a pick is paused halfway through due to a shift change or lunch break, then the items picked may simply be left on a trolley in the warehouse. Without in-depth tote information available, staff who find this abandoned stock are unable to quickly determine where it has come from, for what orders it is being gathered and the progress of the pick. If this information isn’t easily accessible, this can quickly lead to despatch delays and, as a result, dissatisfied customers.

Keep Track Of Stock In Totes With OrderWise Mobile WMS Devices

OrderWise Mobile WMS Devices already provide seamless integration with the OrderWise Despatch module to help dramatically increase picking speed and accuracy. Removing the need for paper picking notes, users have picks sent straight to their mobile device and are directed around the warehouse using the most efficient walk routes, following simple on screen prompts and scanning relevant barcodes to complete their picks. Details of completed picks are then sent back wirelessly to the main system, allowing information to be seamlessly transferred between managers/supervisors and their picking staff.

A recent OrderWise release saw the addition of live tote updates during the progress of picks and this month sees more information available through further enhancements being made to the Tote Check module on our Mobile WMS Devices. Supervisors can now simply scan a tote to gain detailed information such as the number of items in the tote, whether the tote pick is still in progress, where the items were picked from and to which orders the items relate.

This additional tote visibility provides supervisors with even greater awareness, aiding their ability to manage picks effectively and ensure optimum levels of productivity are being achieved. The new feature will be particularly useful for stock takes and in everyday picking processes, offering clear visibility of items from shelf to tote to ship. With OrderWise, warehouse staff have all the information they need to effectively manage daily operations and quickly identify any stock found in abandoned tote trolleys.

More information on the comprehensive range of OrderWise Warehouse Management features can be found HERE.

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