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Third-Party Logistics Software

Glide across your A to B tightrope with end-to-end 3pl solutions

Whether operating in supply, production, distribution, or reverse logistics, there’s a lot to deliver and little room for mistakes for third-party logistics (3PL) businesses.

No matter your area of expertise; pick, pack, and ship, pallet storage and distribution, or contract packaging, OrderWise 3pl solutions can help to manage the large number of considerations that need to be made for each client account.

You can successfully control your client services, product quality, and condition, timings, locations, and pricing all from one end-to-end solution. Connect your business operations and achieve full visibility of stock and advance shipping notifications in real-time.

With OrderWise 3pl solutions, you will future-proof your business with intelligent forecasting, increased fulfilment and reduced costs, helping your business get ahead of your competitors and grow your margins with stability.

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Building your solution

3pl solutions in your sector

Every third-party logistics firm is different, so their software solution should be too. OrderWise 3pl solutions are modular, scalable, and mouldable to fit your unique set of business requirements. We work with you to understand the exact solution you need at each stage of your business growth.

Pallet warehousing and shipment
B2B and B2C pick, pack and ship
Contract packaging
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What our customers say…

As a company handling third party logistics we greatly benefit from data sharing with our customers and the ability to effortlessly show them any stock movements.

Alan Lewis, Promotional Handling Ltd
Managing Director

We’ve had days where we’ve had 600 orders come in over the weekend. With OrderWise, we’ve managed to get all those out with very few errors within a couple of days. We’ve had several days as busy as that and if we had been using a manual process, we’d have lost days at a time.

Ben McKechnie, Epicurium

Key features


3PL Solutions Billing

Automate client billing with storage and handling charge tracking throughout daily processes, ensuring a smooth service and accurate profitability

Mobile WMS Device

Mobile WMS for Android

Benefit from paperless processes, reduced costs and maximised productivity with OrderWise WMS and barcode-scanning handheld terminals (HHTs)

Courier Integration

Courier Integration

Avoid order rekeying through seamless integration with 60+ courier and pallet services, including Royal Mail, DPD, FedEx, Palletline and Palletways

Stock Management

Stock Control

Achieve accurate and real-time stock visibility across locations, whether operating on-site, via online sales channels or on the road

Ecommerce Website


Integrate with 50+ ecommerce platforms including OrderWise Online Store and Trade Portal and marketplaces such as Magento, Shopify, eBay and Amazon



Speed up and reduce the cost of returns processing, keeping clients informed and effectively managing any follow up actions and charges

Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence

Use real-time data and 200+ standard reports to gain insights into staff performance, despatch and fulfilment rates, ongoing operation tasks and more

Warehouse Robotics Icon

Warehouse Robotics

Advance your capabilities further by incorporating robotics into your solution, proven to maximise picking efficiency and reduce operating costs

Accounts Software


Save time with automated invoice posting and reap the benefits of a fully ICAEW accredited and HMRC recognised Making Tax Digital solution

A seamless fit at every level

Managing Director
Operations Director
Warehouse Manager
Finance Manager
Sales and Marketing Manager

Managing Director

Gain confidence in growing your business

We understand that being at the top can lead to a lack of visibility on the ground. Inaccurate, out of date reports and disconnected data create too much guesswork for management, while inefficiencies caused by unsuitable technology can lead to fear of business growth and a disgruntled workforce.

Using OrderWise 3PL Solutions, you will gain invaluable insight into your operations to keep your business going no matter what the world throws at you, all while standing out to your clients, employees and competitors:

  • One single, integrated solution that’s scalable as your business grows, so you always know where to turn
  • Over 200 standard reports at your fingertips with a report writer and specialist support, as well as additional customisable KPI Dashboards to view business performance and compare data across periods
  • Never miss a key decision by receiving alerts for actions that require attention, and access data in detail wherever you are with options for cloud hosting, remote access and mobile apps
  • Say goodbye to rekeying data and unnecessary costs by managing your stock correctly, allowing your staff to focus on the tasks they were employed to do
  • You don’t need to be a developer or have developers in your team to make changes to your software – we do all the hard work for you

Operations Director

Keep your finger on the pulse

Ensuring orders are fulfilled accurately and on time isn’t an easy task without the right tools in place. You want to ensure customer service levels are kept up-to-scratch, and easily provide clients with the information they need without being bogged down by manual processes caused by outdated systems.

Don’t suffer in silence with technology that won’t allow for business continuity. Using OrderWise 3PL Solutions, complete with OrderWise 3PL Portal, your clients will be able to manage their needs automatically, freeing up your time to focus on reaching business goals:

  • Experience real-time visibility of stock levels and access a full audit to increase accuracy across your business
  • Put a stop to manually rekeying data and improve efficiency in day-to-day operations by putting your clients in the driving seat
  • Automatically provide clients with the services and information they need, including order and shipping management, through the OrderWise 3PL Portal
  • Eliminate risks associated with outdated systems by investing in a modular, integrated system that’s upgraded monthly, and add features as your business grows
  • Easily integrate with your clients’ systems, websites, marketplaces and other platforms

Warehouse Manager

Take the pressure off your workforce

We know how hard it can be to achieve control in the warehouse without the right tools in place. Dealing with everything from single ecommerce orders to special packaging requirements in a 3PL environment means that you need order information to be relayed carefully. Inadequate technology makes it harder for you to understand overall performance with a lack of real-time data, and puts extra pressure on operatives to fulfil their day-to-day duties.

Don’t work around an outdated system. With OrderWise’s 3PL solutions, you will automate time-consuming processes, gain confidence in stock data and increase your throughput without the staggering costs, as well as a host of other benefits:

  • Utilise technology that evolves as your processes develop, enabling you to make changes in one place without having to manually rekey data, and create warehouse targets using KPI Dashboards
  • Automate processes with Mobile WMS for Android to utilise your resources efficiently, reduce costs and waste to the wider business, and receive notification of new orders and instructions
  • Easily handle goods in, serial numbers and batch and expiry dates by prioritising work orders and allocating pickers to specific groups of orders
  • Automate the stock replenishment process to maintain picking efficiency and be the first to know when stock is running out, as well as flag problems with missing or damaged stock
  • Configure and optimise workflows to meet varying client requirements, such as pallet in/out, single ecommerce orders and special packing requirements
  • Integrate with courier systems to combine orders into a single shipment and utilise delivery rules to save staff time on choosing the right couriers for the job

Finance Manager

Access all your figures in one place

The finance department often bears the brunt of poor performing technology and disjointed processes. Having other teams in control of handling orders can make financial matters time-consuming and prone to errors, leading to administrative headaches and delays in processing payments.

With OrderWise, you can easily understand what’s happening in the business by having all your data in one place. Get the most from your team with automation by increasing efficiency and maximising profitability:

  • Fully accredited by the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales (ICAEW) and HMRC approved for eVAT submissions and ready for MTD
  • Automate manual processes and reduce time spent on mundane tasks, such as closing off EOM and EOY accounts with automated wizards and controlling business credit and debt with Advanced Credit Control
  • Benefit from complete visibility of actions across the system with audit trails
  • Utilise OrderWise 3PL Billing – a dedicated solution to manage your financial needs, including handling and storage fee orders
  • Receive first-class support through the implementation of OrderWise and integrate other finance and accounting platforms easily

Sales and Marketing Manager

Maximise your selling power

Bad technology can lead to bad practice, and jeopardising relationships with your clients is not something to risk in the sales and marketing department. With inadequate systems, you’re relying on muddled information to guide you through your day-to-day sales and marketing, and incorrect client data can make you look as disorganised as you feel.

Don’t wait for complaints to roll in before making a change. Instead, invest your money in a dedicated solution that will automate niggly processes, highlight your performance and create a seamless journey for your customers:

  • Allow clients to easily manage services through the OrderWise 3PL Solutions Portal, seamlessly integrating with their online channels. Quickly on-board new clients, manage existing accounts and clearly communicate account charges through one system
  • Our Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system uses historic data to enhance your service
  • Understand client information including their history, despatch and more in a timeline view, as well as their wider touch points across the business
  • Keep up to speed on your performance with Business Intelligence, BI Alerts and KPI Dashboards


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