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Queue-busting retail management software

Now in the retail industry, when a customer places an order in the evening, they expect to receive it the following day as a standard option with click-and-collect or next-day delivery.

Added pressure is placed on retailers to fulfil demand, with stock availability and pick, pack and ship actions needed quickly and precisely across locations. Using OrderWise’s retail ERP solutions, create a seamless multi-channel shopping experience complete with CRM and partnered with effective and streamlined back-end operations.

Unite your websites, online marketplaces, stores, and sales to maintain a happy customer-base all year round. Eradicate delays across your sales channels by processing orders face-to-face and electronically. Moreover, use historic data to forecast ahead of seasonal peaks such as Black Friday and Christmas.

Whether you require a helping hand with marketplace and courier integration or need to replenish stores from a central warehouse, Retail Management Solutions from OrderWise is the answer for the ultimate software for retailers.

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Building your management solution

Retail software for your sector

Every retailer is different, and so every solution should be unique, too. OrderWise retail software is modular, scalable, and mouldable to fit your unique set of business requirements. We work with you to understand the exact solution you need at each stage of your business growth advising on the perfect software for retailers.

Apparel and footwear
Electricals and audio-visual
E-cigarettes and vaping
Furniture, homeware and giftware
Garden, tools and DIY
Cosmetics, hair and beauty
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What our customers say…

Since implementing OrderWise, Finisterre’s sales have grown over 200%, and we can efficiently manage every order and customer from start to finish.

Andy Hughes, Finisterre
Finance Director

The relationship between the warehouse and stores has also improved massively. Using one system, it’s a lot easier to find the right stock at the right time, accuracy is a lot better and it’s easier to find the sales statistics for the week.

Callum Harrison, Gift Universe
Assistant Manager

I personally quite like the EPOS till system, it’s a really friendly system for the retail-facing side – it’s nice and simple for staff in the shops to use and you can’t really go wrong with it. It also means we’re not using three different systems for managing three different things. Instead it keeps everything all in one place so its all centralised and easy to track.

Jaron Hine-Maddock, Juice Sauz
Systems Administrator

Well in the short term we will be rolling out OrderWise EPOS to our bricks and mortar shop and then the long term future we will be getting the OrderWise CRM module in as that is the next big thing our Managing Director wants to get in place. Then there’s obviously the monthly updates that come out on the newsletter, those are always really good – there’s always things with OrderWise that you don’t know how you lived without them before, so we’ve got plenty to be going on with as we move forward!

Nicola Rand, Hunkydory Crafts
Project Manager

Key features


Store EPOS

Benefit from an EPOS solution to manage your stores and process transactions, using a range of payment methods including gift cards and loyalty points

Ecommerce Website

Ecommerce Websites

Built-to-sell retail websites including click-and-collect order handling, personalised promotions and loyalty point management

Ecommerce Integration

Ecommerce Integration

Integrate with 50+ ecommerce platforms including OrderWise Online Store and Trade Portal and marketplaces such as Magento, Shopify, eBay and Amazon


Sales Order Processing

One central location for processing the sales orders you receive across multiple channels, with the tools you need to maximise average order value

Stock Management

Stock Control

Maximise sales opportunities with complete and accurate stock visibility across each one of your stores, online sales channels, offices and warehouses



Easily identify stock demand for each location and avoid losing sales by accurately forecasting for busy seasons such as Christmas and Black Friday

Warehouse Management

Warehouse Management

Streamline goods in processing, reduce the cost of returns handling and increase the speed of order and store fulfilment for a happy customer-base

Courier Integration

Courier Integration

Eliminate the manual rekeying of online orders with integration to 60+ popular courier platforms including Royal Mail, DPD and FedEx

Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence

Gain unparalleled insight into sales performance and use this information to target the right customers and boost order value

A seamless fit at every level

Managing Director
Operations Director
Warehouse Manager
Finance Manager
Sales and Marketing Manager

Managing Director

Gain confidence in growing your business

We understand that being at the top can lead to a lack of visibility on the ground. With operations running in multiple locations, inaccurate reports and disconnected data create too much guesswork for management, while inefficiencies caused by unsuitable technology can lead to fear of business growth and a disgruntled workforce.

Using OrderWise retail software, you will gain invaluable insight into your operations to keep your business going no matter what the world throws at you, all while standing out to your customers, employees and competitors:

  • One single, integrated solution that’s scalable as your business grows, so you always know where to turn
  • Over 200 standard reports at your fingertips with a report writer and specialist support, as well as additional customisable KPI Dashboards to view business performance and compare data across periods
  • Never miss a key decision by receiving alerts for actions that require attention, and access data in detail wherever you are with options for cloud hosting, remote access and mobile apps
  • Say goodbye to rekeying data and unnecessary costs by managing your stock correctly, allowing your staff to focus on the tasks they were employed to do
  • You don’t need to be a developer or have developers in your team to make changes to your software – we do all the hard work for you

Operations Director

Keep your finger on the pulse

Dealing with the overarching operations of a business isn’t an easy task without the right tools in place. Inaccurate stock levels, a lack of reporting data and unstable, outdated systems can get in the way of making those all-important business decisions.

Don’t suffer in silence with technology that won’t allow for business continuity. We are a strategic partner who will help you reach your goals and provide the knowledge on exactly what improvements you need to make:

  • Experience real-time visibility of stock levels and access a full audit to increase accuracy across your business
  • Put a stop to manually rekeying data and improve efficiency in day-to-day operations through automation
  • Experience complete order fulfilment with intelligent forecasting and purchase the right quantities of stock at the right price and time to meet future demand. Benefit from unrivalled intelligence in optimising the distribution of stock between stores
  • Eliminate risks associated with outdated systems by investing in a modular, integrated system that’s upgraded monthly, and add features as your business grows
  • Easily integrate with external platforms including websites, marketplaces like eBay and Amazon, EDI, couriers, payment gateways and more

Warehouse Manager

Take the pressure off your workforce

We know how hard it can be to achieve control in the warehouse without the right tools in place. Inadequate technology makes it harder for you to understand overall performance with a lack of real-time data, and puts extra pressure on operatives to fulfil their day-to-day duties.

Don’t work around an outdated system. With OrderWise software for retailers, you will gain confidence in stock data and increase your throughput without the staggering costs, as well as a host of other benefits:

  • Utilise technology that evolves as your processes develop, enabling you to make changes in one place without having to manually rekey data, and create warehouse targets using KPI Dashboards
  • Automate processes with Mobile WMS for Android to utilise your resources efficiently, reduce costs and waste to the wider business, and receive notification of new orders and instructions
  • Easily handle tasks from goods in and returns to order despatch and store replenishment with automated and optimised task assignment, allowing you to focus on the bigger picture rather than the day-to-day
  • Automate the stock replenishment process to maintain picking efficiency and be the first to know when stock is running out, as well as flag problems with missing or damaged stock
  • Integrate with courier systems to combine orders into a single shipment and utilise delivery rules to save staff time on choosing the right couriers for the job

Finance Manager

Access all your figures in one place

The finance department often bears the brunt of poor performing technology. Outdated paper-based systems and other manual processes can make it difficult to reconcile data, leading to inaccurate financial reports developed from basic, disjointed tools.

With OrderWise, you can make accurate forecasts easily and understand what’s happening in the business by having all your data in one place. Get the most from your team with automation by increasing efficiency and maximising profitability:

  • Fully accredited by the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales (ICAEW) and HMRC approved for eVAT submissions and ready for MTD
  • Automate manual processes and reduce staff time spent on time-consuming admin tasks. Benefit from automatic allocation of payment to invoices and closing off EOM and EOY accounts with automated wizards
  • Gain an understanding of store performance and ensure correct allocation of revenue with store-level reporting. Benefit from complete visibility of actions across the system with audit trails
  • Use BI Alerts to automate communication within the business, ensuring processes are followed and deadlines are met, and allow customers to self-serve with online stores
  • Receive first-class support through the implementation of OrderWise and integrate other finance and accounting platforms easily

Sales and Marketing Manager

Maximise your selling power with retail software

Bad technology can lead to bad practice, and jeopardising sales is not something to risk in the sales and marketing department. With inadequate systems, you’re relying on muddled information to guide you through your day-to-day sales and marketing, and incorrect customer data can make you look as disorganised as you feel.

Don’t wait for complaints to roll in before making a change. Instead, invest your money in a dedicated solution that will help you maximise sales, highlight your performance and align your sales and marketing strategy for good:

  • Provide a multi-channel shopping experience for your customers by uniting physical stores and online sales channels. Integrate with OrderWise Online Store, online platforms and marketplaces such as Amazon and eBay, as well OrderWise EPOS system
  • Our Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system uses historic customer data to enhance your service, as well as provide automated assistance with upselling and easily manage store/channel pricing
  • Quickly understand customer information including their history, despatch and more in a timeline view, as well as their wider touch points across the business
  • Have full visibility of your available stock with Stock Control, and keep up to speed on your performance with Business Intelligence, BI Alerts, KPI Dashboards and store/channel-level reporting
  • Understand unique performance metrics of each store and shopping channel to ensure sales and marketing strategies are fully optimised

Five things to look for when choosing retail software

Flexible EPOS integration
Omni-channel integration
Stock intelligence
Industry standards
Courier connections

The ability to integrate your retail software with an electronic point of sale (EPOS) device is increasingly standard fare. However, what is rarer is for the retail software to be able to do this with almost any EPOS solution. Many models of retail software will come with a pre-built list of which EPOS they are compatible with, often their own specific EPOS brand. The very best retail software though will come with the help of a support team, who will make sure that their applications and your apparatus work together seamlessly. That kind of support is among the hallmarks of high-quality retail software.

In 2021, omni-channel excellence is the benchmark of all retail software. Very few businesses can afford to operate on a single platform anymore. This has become even more true in the wake of the pandemic, and as the third decade of the new millennium rolls on, it is unlikely to change. If you want to draw customers back into your physical establishment post-lockdown, making social media distributed discounts work in-store is a great way to start, and that is just the tip of the iceberg for omni-channel operations. Make sure your retail software can handle the best of omni-channel capabilities for your business. That way, you know you’ve made the best choice for your business.

There is integration, and then there is intelligent integration. To determine if a retail software package and a stock control system are integrating intelligently, ask the following questions. Can your stock control make projections based on the data your retail software supplies? Can it adapt and adjust how your storage facility keeps goods in response to new purchases? Can it keep all the different orders from all your varied online marketplaces coordinated with the correct stock levels? Positive answers to these kinds of questions are among the key things to look for in the very best retail software.

When you are selling anything for public consumption, your retail software will need to track and process specialised industry information. Things like serial numbers, batch identifiers, source information, point of origin details, and so on. Make sure you have a system that can take care of this kind of complicated record keeping. A system that can track all the industry-standard intelligence in real-time for minimum possible errors. If something goes wrong, you need to know who was sold what, when, where and how. The right retail software will ensure that all this information is available at the press of a button.

When your customers place an order, and your retail software processes it, you should be feeling pride at another successful transaction. You shouldn’t be thinking about the headache of paperwork that’s about to ensue. The endless cycle of orders and rekeying is something your retail software should be able to automate. The couriers that handle your orders don’t need to have had human hands process your paperwork. You need a retail software system that can integrate seamlessly with any kind of courier you could possibly need, from Amazon logistics, Palletways, FedEx, DPD, Royal Mail, and many more besides. Make sure your retail software can handle these kinds of things automatically.


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