Incentivise Higher Spend With New ‘Customers Also Bought’ Tab

It is no secret that up and cross selling products is a valuable technique for businesses looking to achieve a higher profit margin or increase their average order value. Whether it’s selling related items to what is already being purchased, checkout add-ons or promoting a higher margin alternative, it is important to arm staff with the tools they need to upsell additional products effectively.


One of the easiest ways to help staff with their upselling is to understand the buying habits of their customers, so they can enable them to be more specific and targeted with their product promotion. Without the visibility and insight to do this, businesses can find themselves missing out on vital sales as a result. Therefore, businesses need to give staff the information they need to enable them to identify opportunities to sell additional products to the same customer.

Provide Staff With The Ability To Upsell Additional Products To Maximise Sales Opportunities

With OrderWise Sales, businesses already have full visibility of alternate and suggested items within the sales order entry screen to help staff with their up and cross selling.

Now providing further functionality within OrderWise Sales, this month sees the introduction of a new tab within the sales order entry form where users can view a “customer also bought” tab alongside alternate and suggested items. This new tab will provide staff with a list of items that customers also bought alongside the product they have highlighted within their entry screen.

also bought

By also giving staff visibility of what customers buying the same products as the one they are serving have also purchased, OrderWise delivers a central hub of additional sales options. By using this information to their sales advantage, staff using OrderWise Sales can give themselves the best possible chance to sell more by incentivising customers into additional purchases.

If you would like to know more surrounding this new “customer also bought” tab and how our powerful Sales module can help your business maximise sales opportunities, please contact us on 01522 704083.

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