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Having an online presence can be invaluable for wholesalers and distributors, however it is important that the time and money invested into this venture is done so wisely. Whether you are looking to update your existing website or trade online for the first time, an OrderWise Trade Portal offers a simple, stress-free solution for managing online B2B sales. Providing a dynamic range of features to drive sales, an OrderWise Trade Portal makes the process of selling business-to-business simple and effective.

With new development being added every month, we look at multiple new features introduced to this feature-rich online portal for version 18.7 to further expand the wealth of exciting possibilities for online B2B sales.

Improve Confidence In Your Product

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With many online businesses continually seeking to improve their customer retention, it can be extremely useful to provide customer reviews as an effective way to gain confidence in your product. Valid and honest reviews can have a vital impact on a customer’s decision to purchase, it allows them to gain an insight into what they are buying before even having to add it to the basket.

Without the offering of reviews, customers may be more hesitant to buy a product, especially if it is a large investment or it is competitively priced in other online shops. If your visitors don’t feel like your stock is trustworthy, it’s likely they will head elsewhere to buy a similar product from a more reliable and well-reviewed source. What’s worse is that if the customer does purchase only to discover it’s not what they had thought, businesses could find returns rates increasing and even less confidence being instilled into the brand.

Build Trust Through Transparency

To help with all-important customer loyalty, version 18.7 of the Trade Portal has added valuable new functionality to offer shoppers the opportunity to leave reviews on a recently purchased product, as well as the added ability to leave a star rating and comment on products. By showing off your product reviews, it offers a certain level of transparency to the company as well as the opportunity to address any criticisms head on, which can be extremely powerful in encouraging repeat custom as it conveys honesty.

With customers more likely to purchase the product confidently, having seen trusted reviews of previous buyers, returns rates are likely to drop as they have a more accurate interpretation for what they’re paying. Furthermore, with reviews enabled on products, businesses using the Trade Portal are more likely to gain the upper hand over competitors encouraging more repeated custom and long-term loyalty.

Keep Your Customers Up-To-Date With Business Happenings

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In addition to the new customer reviews feature, the OrderWise Trade Portal has also seen a host of functionality brought in to further improve user experience and to increase engagement amongst the visitors of the Trade Portal.

Many customers are reliant on reading newsletters and updates to see the latest product releases. Without visibility and easy access to these valuable marketing materials, businesses lack the opportunity to share information with their customers, which can drastically cut potential sales and enquiries through reduced awareness of what is available. For this reason, most businesses will market their product through newsletters in which customers must subscribe in order to see valuable news, updates and new stock.

With version 18.7 of the Trade Portal, a valuable feature has been added to the user-friendly online shop that enables customers to sign up to the company’s newsletter subscriptions. The list of email addresses can then easily be exported from the admin area to be included into the relevant subscription mailing list. With this simple feature enabled, businesses can increase the interest of their newsletters and enhance engagement.

Further maximising the visibility of business news and updates, a valuable section that directly displays the latest company news of your business has been added to the Trade Portal. This allows users to create news articles and publish them onto the front end of the Trade Portal from directly within the admin area. By utilising this feature to directly promote new items or special offers, businesses can further maximise the potential return in sales through increased awareness.

Businesses using the OrderWise Trade Portal can also include links to various social media pages from directly within the portal to encourage customers towards even more company news and updates. This allows companies and individuals using the portal to remain up to date, whilst spreading greater brand awareness across various platforms.

Provide A Personalised & First-Rate Customer Service

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As businesses increase their reach through these various channels, it also becomes more important to ensure customers are looked after and have the right points of contact available. Without adding personal touches to your business processes, companies can find that clients don’t feel valued and, although interest rates are higher through increased product visibility, they simply don‘t convert to sales because there’s a lack of connection between the business and their online visitors.

In addition to this, customers can find themselves contacting the wrong people within the business which leads to staff time being badly managed and poor customer service. To help cater for this, the OrderWise Trade Portal has added a useful enhancement to improve relevant and personalised interaction between staff and their customers.

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Within the customers dashboard, a new section will now display the account manager or sales rep assigned to the account with the added benefit of a picture next to the displayed point of contact.

With this personalised touch to the customer’s online experience, businesses can ensure customers know exactly who to contact and can even put a face to the name. By enabling this simple feature, workload can be delegated evenly with online visitors always directing calls to the correct point of contact, increasing productivity within the staff and allowing them to focus on converting enquiries into sales. Furthermore, clients feel more valued as a result and customer retention can increase.

Thanks to this wealth of functionality added to the OrderWise Trade Portal, Businesses can continue to ensure they are always providing a first-rate service that offers honest and reliable products through this simple, easy-to-navigate online B2B shop.

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