Greater Visibility Of Planned Runs With Transport & Routing Enhancements

OW Planned Runs

Fast, efficient and cost-effective fulfilment of customer orders is crucial for businesses, with a range of factors impacting on the decision as to which method is used to deliver to customers and ensure both satisfaction and loyalty.

For many companies with a large distribution operation, the best option is often to use their own fleet of delivery vehicles as it will provide more control over order despatch scheduling, as well as the flexibility to be more responsive to customer requirements. Additionally, these delivery vehicles can serve as mobile adverts for the business whilst travelling around delivering goods, meaning enhanced visibility and general brand awareness.

However, any business managing fulfilment through their own fleet of delivery vehicles will tell you, careful logistical management is required to ensure orders arrive to customers promptly. When businesses rely on manual processes based around paper, Excel spreadsheets or outdated bespoke systems, there can be a lack of structure and visibility when handling transport scheduling and routing requirements.

Despatch operators can struggle to easily locate what orders are on what van, longer routes can be taken by drivers for their deliveries and vehicles can often be double booked. This disorganisation together with poor vehicle/schedule tracking can lead to despatch delays, orders going missing and ultimately, poor customer service. Therefore, where a business does use its own delivery vehicles for fulfilment, there needs to be a robust system in place to accurately and effectively manage all vehicle allocations and routing.

Gain Structured Management Over Vehicle Fleets With OrderWise Transport & Routing

Delivery Planned Runs

With the OrderWise Transport Management and Routing module, businesses are already provided with an organised method of accurately and efficiently managing fulfilment and logistics through their own fleet of vehicles.

At the core of this module are several one-view grids which allow vehicle and driver properties to be stored and edited, routes set up, runs scheduled, returns collections managed and split deliveries handled. Through these grids, OrderWise users are provided with clear visibility of their fleet and planned runs, ensuring fast, accurate deliveries every single time.

Now in the February 19.2 release of OrderWise, this comprehensive fleet management module has been transformed and simplified for a centralised view of scheduled deliveries and collections.


Greater Clarity Of Planned Deliveries With Multiple New Enhancements

Planned Runs

The first major change to the Transport and Routing module is that it has now been condensed into three key areas:

  • Assign Tasks To Transport
  • Planned Runs
  • Weekly Run Planning

In the new Assign Tasks node, these will now be divided into one of three different grids dependent on their task type: either order, delivery or collection. Within any of these three grids, custom fields, data queries and conditional formatting can be applied so users have clear visibility of exactly the information that they need.

Then within the route planner screen, tasks are merged together by Customer ID and Postcode, to simplify and extend what is visible to the user. As each group of tasks could contain a mixture of orders, deliveries and collections, the status of each task has also been made more digestible through a new colour code scheme visible within the planner:

  • Green – Order is despatched and ready to go (collections will always be green)
  • Red – Order has not been fully shipped
  • Blue – Manually added transport stop

These manual stops are another new addition, which allow users to factor in things such as planned driver breaks, refuelling stops or extra security checks. These manual stops will then be included in the overall route time and distance displayed at the bottom of the route planner screen.

Icons and Markers displayed on the map view have also been updated this month for a better visual interpretation of delivery routes:

  • Green House – Represents the start and end points of a run
  • Red Van – Each drop on the run
  • Blue Line – The link between each stop along the route

Planned Runs Update

With these multiple new enhancements to OrderWise Transport and Routing, users of this module can now benefit from even greater task visibility and an easily digestible route map. With the added ability of now being able to customise all grids to display exactly the information required, businesses can ensure that all route planning is handled as efficiently as possible.

If you would like to learn more about how our Transport and Routing module can help your business gain structured management over your vehicle fleet, please contact us on 01522 704083

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