Gain In-System Access To Creditsafe Reports

As a business trading with multiple customers and suppliers, it is important to have accurate company credit information to allow quick and well informed decisions to be made regarding trade partners.

By having access to reliable and accurate company data such as details provided through Creditsafe, including adverse CCJs, payment trends, details of directors, credit limits/ratings and financial accounts, businesses can make important business decisions with confidence.

However companies don’t always have this crucial information when they need it. Businesses need to ensure they are trading with reputable, financially stable businesses in order to minimise the risk of failed transactions, unpaid invoices, protracted credit control issues and ultimately loss of revenue and profits. Therefore to avoid these potential issues that can arise and cause detriment, businesses need quick and easy access to accurate company financial information.

Introducing OrderWise CreditSafe Integration

Many businesses large and small will already use Creditsafe to access key company credit and financial information, making it an integral part of their business decision making process. To make using this service easier, the latest release of OrderWise now includes new integration that allows Creditsafe company credit reports to be viewed from within OrderWise.

OrderWise customers who have this new Creditsafe integration as part of their licence will be able to obtain these key credit reports through using either a company registration number, Creditsafe ID or company name. The relevant credit report will then be viewable from the customer record, customer list, sales ledger or CRM customer list within OrderWise.

Greater Automation With A Scheduled Task Service For Creditsafe Reports

For even greater ease-of-use, further enhanced functionality of this new integration is provided through the ability to create a scheduled service task within OrderWise. Using this additional new feature will enable Creditsafe credit reports obtained through the OrderWise system to be automatically refreshed at set periods. This automation of processes not only increases efficiency but ensures that businesses always have reliable, up-to-date information to aid the business decision making process.

OrderWise already provides users with a range of integrations such as website, marketplace and courier integration as part of a comprehensive business management software solution. This latest integration with Creditsafe means that your business can benefit from access to reliable business data and the management of daily operations from one end-to-end solution that is tailored to your needs.

Existing users can contact the client services team for more information about OrderWise Creditsafe Integration.

To discuss your requirements in more detail contact us on 01522 704083.

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