Further Additions To OrderWise Commerce

Following a huge year for OrderWise Commerce, we continue into 2017 with further enhancements and functionality introduced to deliver an outstanding customer shopping experience that meets business objectives and simplifies back-end management.
This ongoing expansion to the online cart by our team of web developers has brought further exciting enhancements to our end-to-end solution for this month’s release including more accurate product popularity displays and improved flexibility for account customers.

On Account Payment Flexibility For Maximum Sales

For many businesses, the need for tight control with On Account expenditure is vital in controlling finances. However building good relationships with valuable clients is equally important and it is not uncommon for businesses to give leeway to trustworthy customers. Operating this way prevents reliable customers becoming disgruntled if they are unable to place an order when previously they have always maintained good finances with your business.


That said without the ability to manage this credit limit flexibility effectively, businesses can find themselves having to turn away large orders that would otherwise generate sizeable revenue or, on the flip side, lose track of customers frequently overspending. Both these scenarios result in businesses losing valuable income and decreased profitability from having a reduced following of dependable, money-spending clients. Therefore to maintain these client relationships, a structured system needs to be in place that provides companies with the ability to allow customers over their pre-existing credit limits, whilst maintaining financial awareness when this does happen.

Replicating functionality already available within the main OrderWise system to achieve this, a new feature added to the OrderWise Commerce cart this month now allows account customers to exceed credit limits when placing an order through the online cart. With the relevant settings applied, when a customer goes to place an order on their account which takes them over their existing credit limit, there is now the ability to allow certain customers to continue with their purchase. Upon checkout, a customisable notification will appear to let them know they will be exceeding their credit limit.

OW commerce

With this new addition to the OrderWise Commerce cart, users are provided with greater flexibility to the benefit of their reliable customers placing orders online. This removes the risk of the consumer turning to another source if they are over their credit limit at point of purchase and also ensures that customers maintain financial awareness with the use of the notification, encouraging improved cash flow management.

Increase Accuracy With Popular Products Feature

Within any online cart, it is always useful to push your most popular products. These items are almost always fast sellers and giving these items prime position on your website can help to drive increased sales orders. However in order to ensure the right items are given this push, orders placed through all channels need to be considered when top products are being selected. If only website sales are considered, companies won’t be able to accurately reflect their most popular items and lose out on a great opportunity to maximise sales.


For businesses wanting a more accurate depiction of their product popularity on their website, a new feature has been added to the OrderWise Commerce platform to allow businesses to now take into account sales orders from across all channels when determining bestselling items. Through the existing Order History synchronisation functionality, orders placed directly in OrderWise will now also affect the popularity of products listed on OrderWise Commerce websites.

Thanks to this useful new addition, businesses trading through OrderWise Commerce websites can now benefit from a more accurate and precise representation of their product bestsellers. With the true top items appearing first on their website, businesses can create more cross-selling opportunities, generating higher sales volumes of multiple items as a result.

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