Encourage Customers To Spend More With Free Delivery Thresholds

Offering customers free shipping when they spend over a certain amount is a tried and tested method of driving more sales. By having this as a promotion, businesses can help boost their average order value, as customers will start to consciously buy more products to get their free delivery. What’s more by offering free shipping on certain products with higher margins, businesses can also gain the competitive advantage over businesses also selling the same products.

However, when offering free shipping in B2B sales environments, issues can quickly arise if businesses have negotiated different thresholds with different customers. Without the right tool in place to have the free shipping automatically applied to the qualifying orders, businesses can find themselves having to manually apply this offer to each applicable order. This is not only time-consuming but also risks staff applying free delivery incorrectly, giving it to customers that haven’t qualified or charging those that have reached the threshold. This can ultimately impact customer satisfaction and order profit margins.

free delivery

Easily Manage Customer Free Delivery Thresholds With OrderWise

To help businesses manage these scenarios, this month new functionality has been welcomed to OrderWise that allows users to set a free delivery threshold against a customer record. Once this has been applied, when a customer places an order where the sales order goods/net value is over the set amount, this will automatically set the delivery price to free.

With the flexibility to set free delivery thresholds on a per customer basis, businesses using OrderWise can easily adapt and personalise each delivery threshold based on their customer negotiations. This not only aids satisfaction by enabling customers to save on delivery fees for high value orders, but also facilitates greater profitability by encouraging customers to spend more on each order.

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