Five things to look for in retail software

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The COVID-19 lockdowns are being rolled back slowly, and the world is eager and ready to go back to normal. Whatever you sell, wherever you sell it – whether your operation has shifted 100% online, or if you are planning a return to the high street in due course, you need the right retail software to take you forward. To help you make the right choice, be sure to double-check that all these features are present.


Flexible EPOS integration

The ability to integrate your retail software with an electronic point of sale (EPOS) device is increasingly standard fare. However, what is rarer is for the retail software to be able to do this with almost any EPOS solution. Many models of retail software will come with a pre-built list of which EPOS they are compatible with, often their own specific EPOS brand. The very best retail software though will come with the help of a support team, who will make sure that their applications and your apparatus work together seamlessly. That kind of support is among the hallmarks of high-quality retail software.


Omni-channel integration

In 2021, omni-channel excellence is the benchmark of all retail software. Very few businesses can afford to operate on a single platform anymore. This has become even more true in the wake of the pandemic, and as the third decade of the new millennium rolls on, it is unlikely to change. If you want to draw customers back into your physical establishment post-lockdown, making social media distributed discounts work in-store is a great way to start, and that is just the tip of the iceberg for omni-channel operations. Make sure your retail software can handle the best of omni-channel capabilities for your business. That way, you know you’ve made the best choice for your business.


Stock intelligence

There is integration, and then there is intelligent integration. To determine if a retail software package and a stock control system are integrating intelligently, ask the following questions. Can your stock control make projections based on the data your retail software supplies? Can it adapt and adjust how your storage facility keeps goods in response to new purchases? Can it keep all the different orders from all your varied online marketplaces coordinated with the correct stock levels? Positive answers to these kinds of questions are among the key things to look for in the very best retail software.


Industry standards

When you are selling anything for public consumption, your retail software will need to track and process specialised industry information. Things like serial numbers, batch identifiers, source information, point of origin details, and so on. Make sure you have a system that can take care of this kind of complicated record keeping. A system that can track all the industry-standard intelligence in real-time for minimum possible errors. If something goes wrong, you need to know who was sold what, when, where and how. The right retail software will ensure that all this information is available at the press of a button.


Courier connections

When your customers place an order, and your retail software processes it, you should be feeling pride at another successful transaction. You shouldn’t be thinking about the headache of paperwork that’s about to ensue. The endless cycle of orders and rekeying is something your retail software should be able to automate. The couriers that handle your orders don’t need to have had human hands process your paperwork. You need a retail software system that can integrate seamlessly with any kind of courier you could possibly need, from Amazon logistics, Palletways, FedEx, DPD, Royal Mail, and many more besides. Make sure your retail software can handle these kinds of things automatically.


Revolutionary retail software

To find the kind of retail software that can connect your stock control, your couriers, industry intelligence, and much more, talk to OrderWise today. Discover the kinds of powerful insights into retail operations gleaned from 30 years of experience with over 1,000 different businesses. To ensure that your business is experiencing real retail software excellence, OrderWise is the only choice.

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