Five reasons to invest in KPI dashboards

KPI Dashboards

Feeling bogged down by manually retrieving your performance data?

We hear you. Whether you’re using a pre-existing programme, online dashboards creator, a mixture of resources or nothing at all, gathering the data to make KPI dashboards is a tedious task. However, they are a vital part of business and shouldn’t be ignored.

Here are five reasons why you should bite the bullet and invest in a quality KPI dashboards system:

1. You want to make right decisions for your business

The number one priority for any business owner should be making the right decisions for your business, but how can this be done without a representation of how you’re performing? Missing company targets, declining in business performance and missing big opportunities are just some of the potential damages caused by a lack of KPIs.

At-a-glance KPI statistics will provide you with the information you need to make informed business decisions. For instance, you can find out how well your products are selling with up-to-the-minute information, which means you can stock your warehouse accordingly and make larger sales.

2. Your current KPI dashboards system isn’t working

Do you have a method for creating KPI dashboards that’s proving to be hard work?

Having several separate sources to input your KPI information might seem like the logical business decision financially, but there are major problems with this method. Not only is it inconsistent, but by the time you have collated the data, your static snapshots will be out of date and therefore not much use.

Using a quality KPI dashboards system will mean that you are working alongside your customers rather than five steps behind. This is because your KPIs are ready and waiting for you in a single platform, so you can make business decisions without the time-consuming preparation.

3. Your visuals are mismatched

In the business world, it’s not uncommon to be the recipient of a badly designed presentation, so why would you put your business in the same position with inconsistent performance visuals?

In OrderWise KPI Dashboards, you can choose from 500 KPI charts which can be customised to meet individual preferences and company branding. You can even create, save and load your own style or choose from a huge range of pre-set appearances readily available as standard.

4. You can’t access data on the move

Got a business lead out the blue but can’t highlight the great work you’ve done? Not having this information readily available could be the make or break of a big business deal.

Having all your KPI statistics in one place makes it possible to retrieve this information on the spot. If you’re working remotely, visiting a trade show, attending a meeting with customers or somewhere else entirely, you can open KPI Dashboards in the OrderWise Mobile App and gain invaluable insight instantly.

5. It’s a waste of valuable time

Let’s face it, you can spend hours collating information to put into a separate KPI dashboards platform. Even worse, you will have to do it all over again the next time you need to look at your performance.

With OrderWise KPI Dashboards, your visual representation is constantly refreshed to keep you up to date at the click of a button. It works brilliantly alongside OrderWise Business Intelligence to provide a comprehensive suite of functionality.

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