First Enhancements Added To OrderWise Store EPOS

When looking into a suitable store EPOS system, businesses strive for a system that can meet all possible requirements needed to achieve optimised day-to-day processes.

With companies constantly growing, evolving and adapting to modern trading, it becomes more important than ever to keep your software at the very forefront of modern day sales. Without the ability to acclimatise, a business becomes stagnant and can be left in the dark without the means to fully achieve all aspects of their in-store operations.

store EPOS till

Just last month OrderWise brought out the revitalising new Store EPOS module and, exactly like the rest of our all-in-one software, has already built upon the mass of functionality currently available. With OrderWise Store EPOS companies operating in a retail, trade counter or cash and carry environment are already provided with software that can help them to increase order processing efficiency, allowing for high service levels to be provided to valued customers. Designed to be easy to use even at the busiest times, the refreshing user interface offers reams of functionality and optimised usability for fast, easy service. A robust and dependable business tool, OrderWise Store EPOS ensures any progression that an evolving company may make can be handled with ease.

With over £1,000,000 put into the development of our software each year, version 12.8 of OrderWise sees the introduction of multiple new features to the recent Store EPOS release:

Seamless Multi-Currency Trading With Store EPOS

For businesses trading in multiple currencies, it is vitally important to ensure that all payments are processed both accurately and securely. With strong tourism often seeing retailers accommodate non-domestic currency payments, it is important that when staff switch to process a transaction in a different currency, there are adequate capabilities available to them with their till system in order to cater for the customer’s needs. If payment cannot be taken in the correct currency, it can end up reducing service speeds, frustrating customers with time-consuming delays or even losing the sale altogether.

Now with version 12.8, OrderWise Store EPOS offers multi-currency order processing and gives businesses the power to provide their clients with exceptional frontline service no matter their preferred currency. With this new feature, additional currencies can be set up against each store. Users can seamlessly take payments in multiple currencies via the ‘Change Currency’ button providing customers with a flexible and first-rate service.

With this great new addition, OrderWise Store EPOS users can further benefit from targeting a global in-store audience through a customised shopping experience tailored to meet the needs of each of their customers. By processing sales in the shopper’s preferred currency in both a simple and accurate manner, businesses can provide the excellent service that ensures they come back again and again.

Easily Create In-Store Reports Straight From The EPOS Till

For many companies, creating reports in order to obtain valuable information is an essential part of day-to-day operations. Not being able to access this data from within your Store EPOS system can result in laborious tasks of trying to gather the information from elsewhere within the business. For businesses operating across multiple store locations with one main HQ, this could become even more problematic when reports are needed and can’t be quickly obtained. This restricted access leaves store employees with a lack of visibility on what could be vital information.

EPOS till

Here at OrderWise, we already supply businesses with a comprehensive suite of different reporting tools, designed to offer them the quick access to easy-to-interpret information they need in order to make key business decisions with total confidence. However, in version 12.8 of OrderWise Store EPOS, users can now gain access to valuable reports from directly within the Admin Area within each individual till.

This extended and highly resourceful functionality means users can instantly access the reports they need without delay and businesses can benefit from faster, easier reporting on key data regarding their store’s EPOS system. Thanks to the practicality of reaching any required report from with the OrderWise Store EPOS, businesses can benefit from increased data visibility when and where they need it.

Greater Customer Flexibility With Gift Receipts

With Britons renowned for spending record amounts on gifts each year, it is without a doubt common sense for retailers to have a procedure in place for those buying gifts within their stores. Businesses selling items that could work as thoughtful gifts can assume that they will have customers who may be purchasing items as a present for a friend or family member. For this reason, without the ability to provide gift receipts, the company may appear less desirable to buy from and the level of customer service can be adversely affected.

Store EPOS gift

Gift receipts provide the flexibility of removing the price paid on the receipt, but still offer the gift recipient the option to return the item at a later date. Now with the latest version of OrderWise, Store EPOS users have the functionality to provide gift receipts at point of sale should the customer wish to have one. This means that if the item isn’t wanted, is the wrong size or is faulty for some reason, the person with the item has the ease of a no-fuss return. With this valuable new feature, businesses can ensure their stores provide the very best first-rate customer service every time.

Thanks to the various new additions introduced to this month’s OrderWise Store EPOS module, companies can continue to enhance the capabilities of their day-to-day operations. These fantastic new features ensure that customers always leave satisfied with the experience they’ve received providing even more flexibility and usability to the already extensive module.

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