Despatch Smaller Order Faster With Batch Picking

Depending on the type of products being sold, the size of the stock location, the volume of orders and the number of lines contained on those orders, each business will have devised a method which is the best way for them to pick stock ready for order fulfilment.

Some businesses will simply assign staff to collect stock for one order at a time, others will send staff with trollies to collect multiple orders in one go, some may even spilt orders in to multiple picks. Any of these methods could be the best for one company and the least practical for another and some businesses may require a combination of many different methods to optimise efficiency. Therefore it is important for businesses to implement the processes that are best placed for them to maximise efficiency and order turnaround.

When businesses are handling many orders with single or very few lines it is common to see multiple orders combined into a single pick, this enables pickers to quickly gather the required items together ready for packing. While this makes for a fast picking process it often creates a bottleneck at the packing stage, especially if orders have multiple lines. Packers are faced with trying to identify which items belong to which order and the initial speed gained through the fast pick is lost. Further issues can arise when stock is difficult to distinguish, slight variations on specification, size, colour, etc. resulting in packers placing items with the wrong order resulting in costly returns and dissatisfied customers. To ensure a packing bottleneck does not occur when utilising this batch picking method while maintaining order accuracy it is vital to have a fast and robust method of streamlining the packing stage.

A New Method Of Picking Stock For Order Fulfilment

Here at OrderWise, we are continually looking for new ways to help users better manage their warehouse operations through greater flexibility in how this process can be handled both within our software and on our revolutionary, GS1 compatible Mobile WMS Devices. Now extending the picking options available to our users this month, version 10.9 of OrderWise sees the introduction of a fantastic new batch picking method on our Mobile WMS Devices to allow users to efficiently pick and pack multiple orders together which is ideal for single or small multi-line orders.

This great new batch picking method allows users to amalgamate multiple orders into a batch pick on our Mobile WMS Devices. The picker would then simply be directed by best walk route to pick all the items for the batch pick in one fast and efficient pass and place these in a single barcoded trolley, container or tote. Once the batch pick is completed the trolley containing the stock for multiple orders would simply be delivered to a packing bench

Streamlined Processing Of Orders At Pack Scan

The packer would then simply scan the barcode on a trolley which has been linked to all the orders contained within with a standard barcode scanner, pick up any item and scan the item barcode. OrderWise would then display on screen the first order containing this item and if additional items are required prompt the packer to scan the other items required to complete the order. Once the final item for the order is scanned the packer can ship the order, print required documents and labels along with any courier integration at the click of a button then simply scan another item from the trolley and start packing the next order. This combination of clear and simple on screen instructions and accurate barcode validation makes the packing stage fast, efficient and error free. Once the trolley has been completed the packer then simply scans the barcode on the next trolley and continues the process.

Thanks to this new functionality, OrderWise users are provided with another structured method of quickly and accurately despatching stock that is matched to the type of order being fulfilled. With this added flexibility and combining this new method with our wide range of existing pick, pack and ship methods, even more businesses can now benefit from streamlined despatch processes and productive warehouse management that OrderWise Mobile WMS Devices are able to provide.

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