Faster Customer Follow Ups & More Focussed Staff With New CRM Additions

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Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a fundamental part to any business operation, helping companies establish and maintain positive relationships between themselves and their customers.

With OrderWise CRM, businesses are provided with a complete workflow management tool and central hub for all customer interactions, which can be accessed both from their desk or on-the-go through the OrderWise Mobile App. Working alongside OrderWise Marketing, Business Intelligence, BI Alerts & KPI Dashboards, businesses are provided with a fully integrated customer management solution, with the flexibility to suit a diverse range of requirements.

Now extending these capabilities, this month we have welcomed two new features to OrderWise CRM that will further help with recording customer interactions and maximising business profitability.


A New Quicker & Easier Way Of Emailing Customers

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With staff often interacting back and forth with customers predominantly through email communications, it is important to have a fast, simple method of contacting customers through this medium. If staff rely on firstly finding the required email address and then retyping this into their email platform each time, this clunky manual process results in a lot of time being lost and is not ideal for staff sending numerous emails throughout the day.

OrderWise CRM already offers Outlook Email and Calendar integration, which gives staff the ability to have synchronised diary schedules between both platforms, as well as the ability to add new activities and records from directly within Microsoft Outlook emails.

Now this month sees a new button added to the contact control in OrderWise CRM that enables users to email the selected customer with one simple click. When this new button is pressed, the user’s preferred email program will open, pre-populated with a title and message. This provides users with a seamless method of quickly sending emails, allowing OrderWise CRM users greater accuracy and efficiency when communicating with customers.


Allow Staff To Concentrate On Specific Tracks In CRM

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When it comes to meeting the needs of individual departments, it is important to ensure CRM systems are configured to meet the different ways in which each department or team may work. If you cannot tailor the user experience to give greater control over the information displayed for each individual or team, it can greatly decrease efficiency in processes and result in badly managed customer interactions. Therefore, it is important that the correct tools are in place for staff to have clear visibility of just the information relevant to them.


To help with this, a new feature was introduced to OrderWise CRM back in August that allows specific user groups to be assigned dedicated tracks, allowing for easy departmental segmentation. Now this month sees this functionality further extended, with the option for OrderWise CRM users to now only see tasks relevant to the track to which they are assigned. When applied, this will limit what tasks appear in a user’s Activity Diary and Customer Timeline, helping to ensure staff remain focussed on just the tasks that are assigned to them.

With these two new additions to OrderWise CRM, businesses can further ensure high staff productivity is maintained at all times, through speedy email communications with customers and a greater emphasis on the tasks that require their attention.

If you would like to discuss these new additions to CRM, then please contact us on 01522 704083.

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