Express Delivery Options – A New Essential?

In a bid to keep up with Amazon, many companies are now offering next day delivery, with some even contemplating same day delivery options. But is that what customers really want? And is it the best choice for your business?

Competing with Amazon is tough. Many companies, especially the smaller ones, are left wondering how they can live up to the expectations that Amazon is setting. But do they need to? What do customers expect from brands and are those that don’t match up to Amazon bound to be left behind? What express delivery options are there?

Next or same day delivery – which should you choose?

At least 90% of online retailers now offer next day delivery, but this comes at a cost. You’re going to have to find a way to pass these costs on, or pay out of your own pocket.

Same day delivery is often crucial for time-sensitive goods, such as medicines and foods. With more than a quarter of shoppers saying they would abandon an order if same day delivery wasn’t an option, many retailers are now beginning to offer it to their customers.

So, how does same day delivery differ from next day?

Next day delivery                                                                        Same day delivery

✓ 24-hour or overnight delivery                              ✓ Delivery within a few hours of ordering

✓ More cost-effective                                                   ✓ Faster turnaround

✓ Allows more flexibility                                              ✓ Instant gratification

✓ Less risk of delays                                                      ❌ More logistically challenging

❌ Slower than same day delivery                         ❌ Higher risk of delays

Express delivery

It’s clear that there’s a market for same day delivery, especially when it comes to last minute purchases. So much so that 41% of customers purchasing gifts and flowers would abandon their cart if same day delivery wasn’t available.

Average percentage of customers abandoning their cart if same day delivery wasn’t an option at checkout:

Express delivery imageExpress delivery image 2

These stats prove that there’s a desire for express delivery options among customers, especially in the sectors listed above. If you are selling these high demand items, same day delivery should be seen as a necessary expenditure in order to help maximise sales.

An alternative to next day delivery

Focusing on express delivery will make you a competitor, but it isn’t going to segment you within the market. Depending on your business priorities, you may decide to position yourself differently.

There are many customers who are willing to save a bit of cash by waiting longer for delivery, but what about looking out for the environment too? Many customers aren’t aware of the environmental impact caused by express delivery options, and how much this differs compared to a standard three to four day delivery time.

Express delivery eco

Online eCommerce has 30% lower energy consumption and CO2 emissions than traditional retail stores. So customers can lower their environmental impact by shopping online. However, the opposite is to be said when using next day delivery. By highlighting these differences at the checkout, you can educate customers on the impact of their decisions.

With many consumers looking for more sustainable lifestyle options, positioning standard delivery as the most environmentally friendly option will not only make your customers happier to wait a little longer for their goods, it will benefit the planet and your pocket too.

Conclusion – let your customers decide

Every individual customer has different expectations. Some will be looking for the cheapest option with no preference for speed, while others need their purchases faster and are willing to pay for it. So, to ensure you are striking the right balance and not putting customers off their purchases with your delivery options, give them the choice.

Let your customers decide whether they prefer a better price or greater convenience. Customers will feel like they’re getting a better deal if standard delivery is free. They may also think differently if they’re presented with the possible environmental impacts of their choices. By using this information to your advantage and delivering it to your customers upon checkout, you can keep expedited delivery costs down and help ease the strain on your fulfilment.

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