New Features to Enhanced Security and Delivery Management

eCommerce traders know how time consuming it can be having to access their website’s content management system to process orders, update prices and manage current stock levels. Although this manual process can be partially automated using multi-channel order management software, businesses will likely still find themselves rekeying data to ensure their website is set up correctly and holds all the information they need. This can be a waste of valuable resources and as the level of eCommerce trading expands and volumes grow, operating in this way can quickly become impossible to manage accurately and efficiently. With seamless integration to the main OrderWise system, the OrderWise eCommerce Platform offers an all-in-one solution to managing your online or multi-channel business from end-to-end.

Whether you are looking to update an existing eCommerce website or have a new one created, trading through the OrderWise eCommerce platform enables key customer, pricing, stock and despatch data to be seamlessly synchronised back and forth with the main OrderWise software system. From this, users can benefit from greater automation in all aspects of their online trading and without the added complexity and timescales associated with third party eCommerce systems.

Now further extending the level of functionality available with the OrderWise eCommerce platform, this month sees multiple new additions added to help deliver better security and automation.

Control User Information With New User Group Permissions

When it comes to eCommerce management, it is important for businesses to have tight control over what staff can and cannot access depending on their role within the company. This helps to maintain data security and accuracy; however, it is also important that when applying these security measures, administrators can achieve this both quickly and efficiently.

Within OrderWise, businesses are already provided with enhanced controls over user permissions, with the ability to easily configure exactly what modules, features and data staff can access within the main system. Now this month sees this main system functionality replicated on the eCommerce platform, through the ability to apply user group permissions and controls for CMS access. This means all admin pages can now be controlled by user group permissions, allowing businesses to easily lock down access to certain elements of the eCommerce platform.

Through this new enhancement, businesses using the OrderWise eCommerce platform can benefit from greater control over the administrative powers of their staff. By being able to apply these permissions on a user group basis, companies can ensure efficient management of their CMS and main system security measures.

Seamlessly Apply Delivery Methods To Your Online Customers

Finding the best way to effectively manage and organise customer delivery methods can be quite a challenge for many businesses, especially those using numerous different couriers and shipping to multiple countries across the globe. Many of these can be irrelevant to certain customers based on their location, however manually scrolling through, attaching the right methods to customers and rekeying these into eCommerce platforms can be a time-consuming exercise.

With OrderWise, functionality already exists in the main system to assign customers to delivery groups and even automate the selection of delivery methods to the most cost-effective option, based on customised rules. Now the latest OrderWise release enables these set default delivery groups against customer records to be seamlessly synced to the OrderWise eCommerce platform. By having this in-system data automatically replicated on their OrderWise eCommerce website, businesses can ensure only relevant delivery methods are applied to all their incoming online orders based on that customer’s assigned group.

Two New Payment Gateway Integrations

Efficient payment processing is a crucial aspect of any online trading platform, so having solid payment gateway integration that ensures a positive buying experience that keeps customers returning is of integral importance.

With the OrderWise eCommerce platform, businesses can already process payments via SagePay and PayPal, as well as offline payments such as Cheque and BACS.

Now extending the payment options available, the final new additions to the OrderWise eCommerce platform this month sees the introduction of Adflex and Worldpay to our growing list of payment gateway integrations. With greater flexibility in the payment options available, businesses with an OrderWise eCommerce Website can further ensure that all their online transactions are authenticated and processed both quickly and securely.

Save Time With New Web Shop Contact Export

An online account where customers can log in to check the progress of their outstanding orders, view previous purchases and update contact details can be an invaluable tool for businesses to help reduce their inbound enquiries. However, if contacts already exist for that customer, rekeying or exporting their details individually to create web records can be a time-consuming process.

With the OrderWise eCommerce platform, businesses can already synchronise customers, pricing and order history from the main OrderWise system up to their eCommerce website. Now new functionality has been added to the eCommerce platform this month which enables customer account contacts to now also be uploaded from the main OrderWise system.

By being able to export all these web shop account contacts in one go, businesses with an OrderWise eCommerce Website can further save time when managing their online web shop records.

If you would like to know more information about an end-to-end solution with an OrderWise eCommerce Website, contact us on 01522 704083.

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