What is an order management system?

What is an order management system

An Order Management System is software that controls and coordinates sales, stock control, and fulfilment.

The complete life cycle of every order your business receives and processes. All the way from a click on an online store or marketplace to the courier integration that gets everything out the door. This kind of package is vital for your business because it eliminates so many redundant processes and needless bureaucracy.

Remove rekeying with an Order Management System

In a purely manual system, valuable staff hours can end up getting wasted on repetitive rekeying. Information has to be conveyed between multiple disconnected systems, ensuring that everyone from accounts operatives, warehouse pickers, and fulfilment agents all have every last field and form filled in.

When using an order management system, all of these documents can be generated automatically. Your staff doesn’t need to worry about who will give them the information, and how quickly it will arrive. It will all come through without interruption from the minute an order is received.

Eliminate errors with your Order Management System

Manual error is always unavoidable, but there are ways to make it less probable. In a manually managed arrangement, the number of staff touchpoints is much higher, given how often data has to be replicated. This increases the number of places where mistakes can make themselves at home, and potentially multiply.

In a business coordinated by an Order management system, this kind of problem is circumvented. All the documentation is automatically generated, keeping manual intervention to an absolute minimum. This ensures the lowest possible chance of mistakes, and keeps your warehouse, business, and customers all properly and accurately informed.

Inform insights via your order management system

When using a manually managed system of order processing, it can be very difficult to get a full picture of your business’s overall situation. All the rekeying and potential errors are enough to contend with when you just want to get your products out the door. If you then layer on all those processes the further need to continuously maintain detailed activity records, you’re going to make the whole business slower, and every order more liable to experiance errors.

With an order management system, record-keeping is implicit and inbuilt at every stage. All the details about all your transactions are run through a single unified system. This makes it far easier to develop a clear and concise picture of your broader business situation and react rapidly when things begin to change.

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