How business software solutions generate growth

business software solutions

Growth is the goal of so many companies, and yet for too many, the wrong business software solutions continue to hold them back. In one survey, two-thirds of business leaders were found to have expressed frustration that their software has negatively affected their growth. Many businesses are having to adjust their operations around unmovable aspects of their digital infrastructure Their business was being reworked around their ‘solution’.

This is not the way it should be.

Business software solutions are just that. Solutions. Ways to solve problems that your business encounters on a day-to-day basis. The more problems that are solved, the more possible growth becomes.

Discover how the right business software solutions can lead your business down the path to greater growth.

Accelerating processes

The Amazon Effect and rising expectations for faster supply have drawn in clients and customers alike across the B2B and B2C worlds. Speed is among the most direct routes to business growth, and it is exactly what the best business software solutions can provide.

Business software solutions offer the ability to integrate and interconnect the many different and seemingly disparate parts of your operations. With the right software package, manual processes can be limited to only where it is essential. This lets employees focus all their efforts on the highest quality output of the most important work. Tedious tasks like rekeying, reformatting, and rearranging data can be put to one side.

The best business software solutions not only mean that your company’s work gets done faster, it means the work is done better. Not only can your software handle multiple online sales platforms, it can also keep them all harmonised to make sure stock control stays consistent. Not only can your client communications keep up with credit control invoicing needs, it can also differentiate between important partners and more run-of-the-mill accounts. Not only can your software prepare shipping labels and courier documentation, it can also sort all your orders from different platforms in different formats without any tedious rekeying.

All these advantages, and many more besides, ensure that your enterprise can offer the highest quality of service, bringing more clients, more custom, and more growth to your business.

Eliminating waste

When it comes to waste, the biggest problem is missing what lies in plain sight. Too often, slower or inefficient parts of the everyday business process are just seen as ‘necessary hassle’ or ‘just how things get done’ or even the among the worst business axioms of all, ‘the cost of doing business’.

Business software solutions eliminate these problems with ease by gathering all your operational data in one place. Nothing is left to fall through the cracks, and everything can be understood as part of an end-to-end process. By providing a single system through which all your company’s operations can be processed, every aspect of your processes can be analysed objectively and efficiently.

Business software solutions solve the problem of waste and operational inefficiency by making every last aspect of your processes plain to see. When you combine maximum understanding with minimum effort, you can also achieve maximum growth for minimal expenditure. This is the growth empowering option provided by the right business software solution.

Identifying trends

Change is an inevitable aspect of every field of business. Ensuring your company can respond rapidly to sudden shifts in the market or changes among your clients, can be crucial to guaranteeing growth. The right business software solution not only makes changing much easier, it makes it possible to predict changes before they happen.

The way this happens is through traceability. The best business software solutions provide traceability to every aspect of your company’s operations. All the data of all your interactions and processes move through a single system, allowing you to observe and understand the signs of change before the changes themselves actually arise.

The most obvious value of traceability emerges when dealing with current clients and potential purchasers. However, that is only the start of what it can do. Traceability can also be employed for trends among suppliers, individual offices and branches, and even as granular as different parts of your warehouse.

Business software solutions let you track and trace the trajectory of trends as they happen. Are certain products in high demand? Your business software solution can be set to flag sudden spikes or gradual anomalous sales growth thanks to stock control systems. Are certain offices getting their reports in slower/faster than others? The completeness of the data picture can be monitored and tracked in customised KPI dashboards. Are certain deliveries taking longer in specific parts of the country? Your business software solution can be equipped with proof of delivery options to monitor your situations at all times. All this and more can be deployed with the right business software solution. Keeping you in the loop on all the most important external and internal trends.

The natural time lag of manual intelligence gathering will be gone. Instead, your business can capitalise on new situations as they develop, growing rapidly as a result.

Solve all your business problems

To find your ideal business software solution, you need the right software partner. Someone who understands that while similar problems exist across whole swathes of industry, in truth no two companies are ever exactly the same. You need a partner who understands that following the same pattern of everyone else will only get you so far. You need a partner with the wisdom of experience, and the dynamic creativity of an award-winning sector leader.

Discover how OrderWise can tailor you a business software solution that can track trends, accelerate operations, and wipe out any and all waste. Talk to one of our customer success representatives today.