How Image Visibility In Store EPOS Can Remove Processing Errors

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When trading through physical retail stores, it is not uncommon for customers to sometimes bring products to the till that don’t have a barcode. When this happens, it means staff can’t scan through the product and instead must search for the item on their till system, resulting in extra time being taken to process the order.

If the store also sells some items that are almost identical to each other but for a slight variation, staff need a quick and easy way of verifying they are selecting the right item in the search results. Without this, staff may select the wrong item which may be priced differently and have different margins, causing a loss to be occurred. What’s more if staff take too long to check they are processing the right products, this can cause growing queues (especially during peak seasons), potentially causing customers to abandon their purchases rather than wait.

Quickly View Product Images At Checkout With OrderWise Store EPOS
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To eliminate this problem, version 18.12 of OrderWise sees the addition of images to the variant information tab on Store EPOS. Now when staff go to this section on their EPOS till, they will be able to see images so that they can visually confirm the item they are putting through the till is indeed the correct one.

With this small but useful addition, OrderWise Store EPOS can now quickly overcome circumstances where a product arrives to the till without a barcode, ensuring sales can continue to be processed accurately and customers kept satisfied.

If you would like to discuss our new Store EPOS functionality further, contact us on 01522 704083.

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