Quickly Act Upon Alerts With Our New BI Feature

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For businesses operating with staff out on the road, instant access to customer information is vital for convenience and good customer service. Having the data readily available allows for increased visibility whether in a meeting, at a trade show or simply working away from the office. This enables staff to freely unlock sales potential and seize opportunities at the right time.

However sometimes having the information to hand isn’t enough on its own. For busy sales reps working on the road, they require a fast way of working and to be able to view the key information they need at a glance. Due to hectic schedules and travelling time, staff may not be able to delve deep into customer records but still need the ability to see key action points. Without being able to quickly and easily view this information, staff could miss important events or updates which inhibits their capabilities to close deals and deliver good service.

With BI Alerts already available for the OrderWise Mobile App, users have the tools to proactively chase up or act upon any activity as soon as it requires attention. This means sales staff who often work away from the office can stay up to date with instant happenings within the business or their client base. The invaluable functionality allows users to gain an unparalleled insight into areas of importance within the business, so that they can instantly act upon notifications and increase productivity within the business.

Increase Efficiency By Viewing BI Alerts Without Having To Open Them

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Further developing BI Alerts, this month has brought a brand-new feature which allows users to have instant visibility of up-to-the minute business happenings. When a situation arises, Mobile App users can now see alert details without even having to open them, meaning as notifications come through, they can now instantly gain the insight they need regarding those alerts. By providing the on-demand information earlier, it further increases staff efficiency as users are able to target the issue even faster and then effortlessly mark the alert as completed.

By having this functionality available, this ultimately heightens productivity amongst staff as upon receiving alerts they can react even quicker than they did previously. By having a more efficient way of managing their workload, BI Alerts users can see a positive impact on customer satisfaction as issues are dealt with faster.

For more information on this valuable feature of BI Alerts, contact our Client Account Management team today on 01522 704083

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