Effectively Manage Warehouse & Trade Counter Operations Without Separate Stock Locations

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For many companies with trade counter and retail shop sales operations at the same premises as their warehouse, they will look to manage the stock of these by creating separate stock locations.

By working in this way, it allows businesses to keep tight control over stock within the shop and accurately manage picking, replenishments and held stock levels.

A setup many people will recognise is that of merchants with trade counter operations. Often these businesses will have a traditional shop environment at the trade counter where customers can choose their own items and pay at the counter, with a large warehouse attached from which telephone, email, online and other orders are picked and fulfilled. However it can often be a case where a business picks stock from their shop in order to fulfil other orders once warehouse stock has been depleted. Additionally, businesses may also have high value items stocked in small quantities in the shop to increase sales visibility or reduce the chance of damage in the warehouse. Businesses will still need these items available to pick for all orders whilst purchasing more based on the stock levels held in the shop.

When businesses operate in this manner, having the warehouse stock and trade counter stock as separate locations can lead to unnecessary processes and added complexity in other areas. Orders needing to be picked from the shop require warehouse managers having to constantly identify picking locations with transfers between locations often needed to ensure demand can be fulfilled. In addition to this, purchasing needs to account for stock levels over both locations to ensure over and under stocking is not an issue. Although fully manageable, if operations regularly rely on using shop stock then this can create additional processes that will need to be handled regularly and during busy periods several times a day.

New Feature To Create POS/EPOS Bins

Separate Stock Locations

In order to make managing this easier, a new setting has now been added in version 10.1 of OrderWise to allow users to mark bins as POS/EPOS bins. With these settings in place, when using POS (Trade Counter) or the EPOS Touch Screen module, only stock from the marked bins will be available for these sales, effectively recreating the same working environment within the shop as using separate stock locations.

However the big difference in working this way compared to using separate stock locations is how normal picking operations can then be managed and purchasing activities streamlined. Bins marked as POS/EPOS are still available for normal picking activities and, by having stock usage controlled via walk route, the POS/EPOS bins can then be set as the last call on the walk route. This configuration would mean that once stock in the warehouse has been depleted, pickers would then automatically be directed to pick from bins in the shop with no transfers required and no switching between stock locations.

Add POS/EPOS Bins To Walk Routes For Logical Picking Processes

OW Separate Stock Locations

Depending on how stock is held, this same method could be achieved by having settings to pick from the default bin first and having this bin in the warehouse. If usage methods are based on expiry date then this would mean that pickers would always be sent to pick the shortest expiry items first, regardless of if they are in the warehouse or the shop. Management of purchasing activities can then be streamlined with stock levels and demand all handled from one stock location. The overall stock of items in both the shop and the warehouse will be used to determine purchasing volumes, eliminating the need to manage transfers of stock to fulfil orders from the warehouse where stock is held in the shop.

Although the operations and requirements of each company will determine the suitability of this new functionality for their business, any existing customers that wish to take advantage of this or consider changing their current setup can contact support for guidance.

For more information on the OrderWise EPOS module or to find out more about other OrderWise Sales Order processing options including POS (Trade Counter) watch our videos and download the brochure.

Existing OrderWise users can find full details on the EPOS and POS modules along with EPOS hardware packages on the OrderWise Online Shop.

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