New Additions To The OrderWise eCommerce Platform

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When it comes to processing orders, updating prices and managing current stock levels across web shop(s), handling these tasks manually can become increasingly time consuming as trading expands, and volumes increase. Operating in this manner both accurately and efficiently eventually becomes impossible to manage, meaning businesses require a more integrated solution so that overselling can be reduced, and more time spent accurately fulfilling orders.

Providing the ideal solution, the OrderWise eCommerce platform offers fully integrated websites and portals, helping you to manage your online or multi-channel business more effectively from end-to-end. Through an OrderWise eCommerce Website, your business can gain all the valuable benefits online sales has to offer, without incurring the expense of rekeying orders and manually updating information across multiple online platforms.

This month, the functionality available within the OrderWise eCommerce platform has been further extended with multiple highly beneficial features added.

Offer Incentives To Push First Time Buyers Through The Checkout

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Abandoned baskets can be a common occurrence when it comes to online trading, where customers will go so far through the checkout process but ultimately not make that all important final purchase. Although abandoned baskets are a natural part of online sales, what makes the difference to revenue generated is how businesses will ultimately capitalise on this product interest.

To maximise sales, it is important that businesses follow up this interest to try and nudge customers through to completing the checkout. In the case of new customers, it may mean offering an extra incentive on the first purchase to then encourage repeat business over the longer term.

With the OrderWise eCommerce platform, businesses already have the tools they need to automatically send follow up emails to those customers that abandon their baskets, helping them to maximise all sales opportunities as they’re presented.

Now further enhancing this functionality, businesses with an OrderWise eCommerce website now have the option to attach a promotional code to the final email in the series for any new customers. By having the flexibility to offer a discount when needed, businesses trading through the OrderWise eCommerce platform can further encourage new customers to complete their sale, offering an extra incentive on an automated basis.

Encourage Repeat Custom With Previously Purchased Grid

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When it comes to online sales, providing customers with all the tools they need for fast, simple purchasing is crucial to encouraging repeat business. An easy way to do this is through offering them a quick way of viewing items that they have purchased previously within their account and allowing these to be added to their basket.

Through an OrderWise eCommerce Website, businesses can already offer their customers a self-service dashboard where they can manage their account, view their complete order history, get copies of their invoices and update their delivery address book.

Now extending the functionality within this Customer Dashboard, there is now a previously purchased grid where businesses can view all their recent purchases and add them again to their basket with a single click of a button. Within this grid, customers can easily search for the product they are looking for, or filter results by time to show purchases over the past 7 days, 30 days, 6 months or simply all purchases.

Thanks to this new functionality, businesses with OrderWise eCommerce websites can make it quicker and easier for customers to reorder items, enhancing the user experience and encouraging them to purchase again and again.

Promote Better Customer Service With Required Delivery Dates

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When it comes to the busy Christmas trading period, customers buying online will want to ensure that they can get their items delivered on time. Whether it’s a business looking to replenish stock to fulfil high sales demand or an end consumer buying a gift for a friend or family member, customers want to be safe in the knowledge that their goods will arrive promptly within the timescales they require.

Without awareness of these timescales, businesses can quickly find themselves letting customers down. Therefore, providing online customers with the ability to raise awareness to their required date at the point of sale, will allow this to be fulfilled within the necessary timescales.

To assist with this, the final addition to the OrderWise eCommerce platform this month is the ability for customers to enter a required delivery date within the checkout process. This is facilitated by a new text field where customers can simply input their required delivery date, in line with the timescales of their chosen delivery method (standard delivery, next working day, etc.).


With this simple but useful new addition, businesses with an OrderWise eCommerce website can ensure customers receive their items by their expected date by getting this information from them at the point of checkout. In-turn this helps orders to be fulfilled on time, leaving customers fully satisfied with their online shopping experience.

If you would like to know more about our recent additions to our OrderWise eCommerce platform, please contact us on 01522 704083.

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