How Loyalty Schemes Can Get Repeat Purchases

Giving loyalty points for product purchases is common in retail trading, and increasingly in B2B trade sales environments too. Essentially, such schemes are marketing tools that offer rewards for the purchasing behaviour of your customers.

Commonly, a points card is provided for customers to earn points with each purchase and after a customer accumulates a certain amount of points they can redeem them towards discounts within your store.

There are clear benefits to implementing loyalty schemes, with businesses seeking to retain existing customers, attract new customers, increase customer loyalty and ultimately boost sales. However, businesses need a structured system for managing points and rewards whilst providing staff and customers with clear visibility of points earned.

Easily Create & Manage Loyalty Schemes Within OrderWise

Loyalty | Orderwise

The latest OrderWise release now includes a new feature which allows loyalty schemes to be created and seamlessly managed within our end-to-end business management software solution.

Once added to your licence, a new loyalty schemes grid facilitates easy set-up, with a range of settings available to tailor loyalty schemes to a business’s specific requirements. The comprehensive functionality allows for loyalty schemes to be easily created and either all or selected customers to be easily assigned to schemes. The flexibility of the feature provides the ability to exclude discounted items and items with global discounts from schemes, and allows for specific points to be set against individual variants. What’s more, users can control whether all variants are included in a loyalty scheme or specify particular variants only, and also set a minimum point spend when customers are redeeming points.

A new loyalty points payment method is now available within the OrderWise Store EPOS system making it easy for staff to process customer purchases made wholly or partly with a customer’s earned loyalty points. This feature also enables returns to be processed and for a customer’s loyalty points balance to be increased accordingly, which simplifies what can often be a complex returns process when loyalty points are involved.

By using the new loyalty schemes feature, businesses can take advantage of valuable customer retention and reward programs to boost sales and develop brand image through increasing customer loyalty and providing incentives that help attract new customers.

To discuss the new loyalty schemes feature and the extensive range of functionality available within OrderWise please call 01522 704083.

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