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How are you dealing with the worst labour shortage since 1997?

Despite the mass job losses and dramatic drop in vacancies in 2020, this year, the UK has experienced the worst labour shortage in over 20 years. This has led to global supply and stock shortages. The worst in the UK since 1983. Whether your business has been impacted directly or through your suppliers, OrderWise can help you combat these complications and protect your supply chain.

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How to sustain your workforce during labour shortages?

In our latest blog, we discuss how your business can continue to operate at maximum efficiency despite labour shortages. We reveal how you can always ensure order fulfilment and customer satisfaction without exhausting your existing workforce.

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Secure your supply chain throughout staff and stock shortages

3 reasons to read:

1. Identify threats to your supply chain.
2. Examine the causes of these threats.
3. Discover how to protect your supply chain and ensure order fulfilment.

Also, we reveal that in 2021:

• The number of needed qualified forklift drivers was down by 25%.
• There was a shortage of 100,000 HGV drivers.
• 89% of all goods transported by land are moved by road.

If over the last two years, you have experienced labour shortages and struggled with order fulfilment, then the struggle is over.

In OrderWise’s The Perfect Storm whitepaper, we don’t just explore the supply disruptions impacting you, but we reveal the solution for your current and future supply challenges.

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